This Week In #WhiteGenocide – 6 by White Rabbit Radio on Mixcloud

#WhiteGenocide Gets Trump’d

Horus The Avenger – @eurorabbit
Truck Roy – StormFront Radio
Asguardian – @warowhites
Enoch Powell – @J_Enoch_Powell
Fash Gordon @RatLinesMemes

:30 – Is Trump The Real Deal?

11:05 – Elite Plans for Wild Card Trump

16:20 – Triggering Trump, Aggressive Memeing & Tweeting White Genocide

26:15 – Bernie, Hillary and Mass Trumping

36:10 – Break -All In The Family

37:10 – The Conspiracy of Making America Great Again

47:17 – Europe’s Future Game Plan

55:40 – White Townies and Cucking Baby Boomers

63:45 – #WhiteGenocide Engineering, X-Files & Shark Hunters Speculation

This week In #WhiteGenocide – 5

Playing the Trump Card Against #WhiteGenocide

Horus – @eurorabbit
Enoch – @J_Enoch_Powell
Asgardian – @warowhites
FashGordon – @ratlinesmemes
Truck Roy – StormFront Radio
Special Guest – ElectrE B.B – @ElectrelsMore

:30 – Introduction

1:45 – Multiculturalism, Trump, Action-Reaction-Solution

11:50 – Mindset of Power & Political Victory

15:30 – Goy Friends – Oy Vey

19:15 – Energy Flow and Trump Control

25:00 – Haircuts, Homos and Mainstream National Socialism

37:04 – Elite Wild Cards & “White Kid” Preservation

46:02 – The Resistance vs. The Beta Male Machine

49:56 – All In The Family against #WhiteGenocide

51:20 – Special Guest ElectrE from France

Horus The Avenger – @eurorabbit
Truck Roy – RenseRadio
Asguardian – @warowhites
Mein Volk – @meinvolk
Fash Gordon @RatLinesMemes

Introduction by Horus
1:20 – Borders, Bombs and Euro Speculation

14:00 – State Reactions and U.S. Trends

20:28 – Citizen Displacement

24:25 – Personal Protection and Push Back

38:30 – With Open Gates and Altruist Fashionistas

47:30 – Adopt a Jew

52:06 – This Week In #WhiteGenocide Muppets Intermission

53:14 – Black Live Matter and The Klan Visits Mizzou

1:01:30 Conditioning and Wide Sky Destabilization

1:07:49 – Trump Theory : 101

Have a listen to the podcast banned by SoundCloud!













This Week In #WhiteGenocide – 3
Return of the Anti-White Jedi

Horus – @eurorabbit
Truck Roy – StormFront Radio on
Asgardian – @warowhites
Fash Gordon – @RatLinesMemes

MeinVolk – @MeinVolk

1:04 Horus, Soundcloud and the direction of This Week In #WhiteGenocide

3.40 The controversy of #BoycottStarWars VII

6:02 Truck Roy from StormFront Radio on

13:34 Scamming Whites, Seeding Memes and the Con

26:04 Why it works. Samizdat

36:34 The Enduring Message and the Elite Hedge Bets

41:04 Intermission (MeinVolk’s heretofore unknown musical talent)

43:44 Free for All
More Star Wars Speculation
Is Asgardian TK1488?
The Radical Change of White SciFi

61:04 Back to the Basics of White Retro Culture

1:14:31 – Refugees on the Move
Women and Whats to Come in the Pro White Movement
Breakdown of the Narrative
Clash of Civilization

This Week in White Genocide – #2- DIEversity Round Table



1:35 – Smash Racism DC (((shut it down))) NPI Conference
 9:26Heidi (((Berich))) from the SPLC and her fear of White Twitter

15:00 – The brown future of dating (This don’t look like no

  32:24 – Normal Whites recognizing #WhiteGenocide. Neo-Coens and Trump
 44.55 – Palestinian power, social media and exposing anti-Whites
 52:00 – #WhiteGenocide, the West and current events.
 105:04 – BUGS – Boot Camp and swarming the internet machine.

Welcome to the new format for our podcast. Fans of Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit should like the new updated format to take into account the growth of our memes.  Feel free to get on SoundCloud and follow us for automatic updates as as new podcasts come out.

This Week In White Genocide is an open discussion about exposing #WhiteGenocide. Each podcast brings attention to current news and views on social media pertaining to #WhiteGenocide by guest speakers in an open forum.
This week features Horus(@eurorabbit)of and activist Asgardian (@warowhites)

1:00 – Introduction to This Week In #WhiteGenocide

2:55 – Intro to Asgardian(@warowhites )

3:53 – Donald Trump – Win Lose or White Hactivism

8:00 -Twittersphere – Mass memeing, robocalls, triggering Anti-Whites.

16:10 – Mustafa, Robocalls and Asgardian’s open challenge for Tim “Anti-White” Wise

26:00 Weev Opens Pandora’s Box at Ashley Madison

30:38 – European Resistance to Mass Immigration

39:01 – General Gage and the Trigger Printer live to fight another day