This podcast has long since taken on a life of it's own. It started when Horus was asked to do a handful of podcasts to help put white rabbits on a consistent message. The consistent message is The Mantra or what we call White Rabbit Genocide on the show. After the handful of podcasts achieved success, Horus was asked to stay on and do a 24 podcast series. And after the first 24 was wrapped up, demand rolled in for him to stay around and keep the podcast going through the End Game which he has agreed to do. The podcasts should be listened to in order, at least through the first 24, to understand everything. Beyond the first 24, Horus is basically carrying on a conversation going into various topics. Topics of discussion include: Practical Politics, White Rabbit Psychology and Ecology, Geopolitics and Alternative News & Research. The language and the Characters are unique to the podcast. Horus answers 98% of all questions sent to him in the podcasts. We have a short informative Q&A on the About page.

As of October 2011, there is a free members only area where listeners can hear Horus give frequent updates on Geopolitics and Alternative News and Research.
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On November 7, 2011 EndGame Exotica officially started. EndGame Exotica is a paid subscription service bringing listeners Geopolitical News and Alternative News and Research all week long. Paid subscribers can comment directly on the site.
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New listeners should start with the Truck Roy Riding Shotgun Interview (between podcasts 11 &12). If you like the Truck Roy interview, listen to podcast Number ONE. They are designed to be listened to in order. Feel free to download any of the MP3's simply by ‘right clicking’ on the link and click "save file as" then save to "your desktop".

White Rabbit Genocide

Talking Points

White Rabbit Terminology

The System


This won't work Horus

Environmental Position

Active Measures




Follow the White Rabbit 1

(the Beginning)


Follow the White Rabbit 2

(the Beginning cont.)


Follow the White Rabbit 3

(free speech, aryan girl rabbits and practical politics)


Follow the White Rabbit 4

(aryan girl rabbits cont., simple defense)


Follow the White Rabbit 5

(white rabbit mysticism, controlling the energy flow)


Follow the White Rabbit 6

(white rabbit history is one big mystery)


Follow the White Rabbit 7

(a nation of immigrants)


Follow the White Rabbit 8

(white rabbit banking vs. pink rabbit banking)


Follow the White Rabbit 9

(Iranian rabbits and the green revolution)


Follow the White Rabbit 10

(Extra long and Horus doubles up on Practical Politics)


Follow the White Rabbit 11

(Horus goes Enviromental)


Truck Roy "Riding Shotgun" Interview

(Horus and Lord Nelson)


Follow the White Rabbit 12

(recap on the importance of a consistent message)


Follow the White Rabbit 13

(recap, current news, discussion in regards to contaminiation)

(news, Dr David Duke, pow's)


Follow the White Rabbit 14


Follow the White Rabbit 15

(negative conditioning -extra long mp3)


Follow the White Rabbit 16

(Emailed Questions and Answers)

(baseline humiliation tactics, PCO-political correctness officer)

(t-shirts are coming,current news, Asian questions answered)


Follow the White Rabbit 17


Follow the White Rabbit 18


Follow the White Rabbit 19

(correspondent Lord Nelson, practical politics and the BNP)


Follow the White Rabbit 20

(Back to the Basics.... overview from another direction)


Follow the White Rabbit 21

(The Coming War and the challenge with White Rabbit History)


Follow the White Rabbit 22

(21 continued, consistency in White Rabbit behavior)


Follow the White Rabbit 23

(Emailed Questions and Answers)


Follow the White Rabbit 24

(The Final Question)


Truck Roy "Riding Shotgun" 2nd Interview

Truck Roy interviews Horus for his Stormfront show


Follow the White Rabbit 25

Catching up on Current News...and other tidbits


Follow the White Rabbit 26

Horus discusses Professor Kevin Macdonald


Follow the White Rabbit 27

Emailed Questions and Answers


Follow the White Rabbit 28

27 Cont..Questions and Answers


Follow the White Rabbit 29

Passive engagement & Effective Media


Follow the White Rabbit 30

News Update and a few Mantra thoughts


Follow the White Rabbit 31

Random News tidbits, Networking


Truck Roy's Latest "Riding Shotgun" show

Truck Roy talks Practical Politics with Horus on Stormfront Radio


Follow the White Rabbit 32

News, Propaganda, The Basics revisited


Follow the White Rabbit 33

News, More News, Q&A, new info on King Tut


Follow the White Rabbit 34

Q&A Pandora's Box and Conspiracy Theories


Follow the White Rabbit 35

FTWR-34 Conspiracy Theory Q&A Continued


Follow the White Rabbit 36

Green Goddess Gone Wild - War News Special


Follow the White Rabbit 37

Coasting into Chaos


Follow the White Rabbit 38

Coasting into Chaos Conspiracy Q&A


Follow the White Rabbit 39

Coasting into Chaos with the Boers


Follow the White Rabbit 40

Coasting into Chaos

News, Confederate Rabbits, American History


Coasting into Chaos with the Truck Roy Show

Stormfront's Truck Roy talks with Horus


Follow the White Rabbit 41

Coasting into Chaos

News Coverage and the Ghost of Hitler present


Follow the White Rabbit 42

Coasting into Chaos

Nazi Never-Never Land


Follow the White Rabbit 43

Coasting into Chaos

BIG News Special


Follow the White Rabbit 44

Coasting into Chaos

Git ur War on! And some Q&A


Follow the White Rabbit 45

Coasting into MORE Chaos...but still Coasting

Random News from all over the solar system,

Russia and Germany hold hands and kiss in public,


Follow the White Rabbit 46

Coasting into MORE Chaos.......

USA and Russia hit the Reset button..BIG TIME

Russian Rabbit Spy Scandal

Horus goes to the movies


Follow the White Rabbit 47

Coasting into Chaos.......

News from around the world

Answering Questions from Russian Listeners

The significance of King Tut's dna test


Follow the White Rabbit 48

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Discussion on China complete with News and Views

News and Views on the Middle East

King Tut revisited with additional information


Follow the White Rabbit 49

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Q&A from Listeners

Nazi Never Never Land revisited


Follow the White Rabbit 50

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Bob Whitaker's greatest hits from Stormfront

The Mantra discussed on BUGS anniversary


Follow the White Rabbit 51

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Pink Rabbit Expose, Banksters from Babylon

Q & A at the end (longer than usual podcast)


Follow the White Rabbit 52

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Update on White Rabbit GeNOcide

Brief overview of the News


Follow the White Rabbit 53

Coasting into the Endgame.......

Anti Whites seem a little less confident

News Update "The Fog of the End Game"


Follow the White Rabbit 54

Coasting into the Endgame.......

War by Deception, King Tut update

US Politics and Anglosphere


Follow the White Rabbit 55

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

2 shows for the price of one -3 hour special

Back into Babylon with Feathered Serpents

Doc Farrell's Roswell and the Reich

Craziest story Horus has EVER heard


Follow the White Rabbit 56

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

White Rabbit Psychology

White Rabbits saving animals

White Rabbit Genocide Analyzed

Black Swans love White Rabbits


Follow the White Rabbit 57

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Acoustical Physics made simple

Lets break Glass

Ole Bob is at it again


Follow the White Rabbit 58

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Twas the Night before Christmas

FCC fooling with the internet

WikiLeaks comments and outlook


Follow the White Rabbit 59

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Anti-White Double Standards

Pink Rabbit Banksters Achilles heel

StuxNet Worm attack examined


Follow the White Rabbit 60

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Speculation on Egypt

Pink Rabbit's NWO late in the 80's

News Pieces discussed throughout

All about Academic Biases


Follow the White Rabbit BUGS

Special Podcast for all BUGS readers

Preparing for the future


Follow the White Rabbit 61

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Red Mercury and Zahi Hawass?!?!

Babylons Banksters Revisited

Dr Farrell and Grey Aliens

Q@A from the Wild Side BEGINS

This is a triple podcast


Follow the White Rabbit 62

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

Egypt updated AGAIN

Q@A from the Wild Side

HAARP and Bye Bye Black Bird

Mars and Phobos

Clementine and the Moon

FTWR-61@62 are LONG and all the

crazy Q's sent in are answered


Follow the White Rabbit 63

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

News & Views // Pink Rabbit internal Politics (first hour)

Horus jumps backwards through podcasts

A historic Pink Rabbit split in front of WW3?

Pink Rabbit Elitesters vs. the Banksters ?

Dissident tools contained in the Mantra (last 30 minutes)


Horus talks Practical Politics with Truck Roy

Getting your feet wet with the Mantra

Basic talking point tips contained in the Mantra


Follow the White Rabbit 64

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

The EndGame picks up Speed

Japan Quake discussed

Fur is starting to fly as WW3 starts

What to look for Next in the Middle East?

Brief Q@A mixed in with News and Views

Famous Ancient Pet of the White Rabbits

This Mysterious Pet has ZERO Genetic Diversity


Follow the White Rabbit 65

Coasting through the Fog of the Endgame

State of the Struggle for White Rabbits

What all is going on with our message

What is subversion? And are we subversive?

Demoralization and breaking into the marshmallow

Brief Q@A listener questions answered

Two weeks from a Bolshevik Revolution


Follow the White Rabbit 66

Welcome to the Endgame/ The fur starts flying

The 3 rabbits of the Apocalypse

Libya, Bin Laden, Obama's Birth Certificate

All the Crazy Endgame Antics covered


Follow the White Rabbit 67

Endgame Exotica Begins

Practical Politics with the Neocons

The current trend toward WW3

Alternative News updates (56 minute mark)

The Legend of the White Rabbit


Follow the White Rabbit 68a

Follow the White Rabbit 68b

Follow the White Rabbit 68c

Pink Rabbit Elitesters Special

3rd Rail of Speculation

SciFi Louis

Genes Giants Monsters

Grid of the Gods


Follow The White Rabbit 69

Endgame Exotica Picks up Speed

a 1000 little needles

Breivik and Norway

News Updates


Truck Roy's Latest "Riding Shotgun" show

Truck Roy talks Practical Politics with Horus

Upcoming Stormfront Conference in TN


Follow The White Rabbit 70

Endgame Exotica moves into high gear

News Updates

More News Update

Q's about Brzezinski??

Skinhead Chronicles


Horus on AM Radio!

Horus on the Don and Derek Black show


Truck Roy's Latest "Riding Shotgun" show

Horus goes on the Truck Roy Show AGAIN

Recap of the Stormfront Conference

Geopolitical News and Views discussed


Follow The White Rabbit 71

It starts with a sound and a vibration

White Rabbit Radio and the next phase

Derek Black's modified talking point


Follow The White Rabbit 72

The Psychology of Counter Subversion

Q&A: AntiWhite Terrorism

Local Swarm: Fliers into their teeth


Stormfront Conference 2012

Derek Black's Conference Introduction

Horus the Avenger talks about the future

Bob Whitaker and Horus do a Q&A

Derek Black and Truck Roy talk practical politics


Horus talks with Dr Duke on Rense Radio

Complete overview of the Trayvon Martin
case and the AntiWhite Media Bias


Save White People interviews Horus

Interview starts around the 43 minute mark


Joe asks Horus all kinds of interesting questions


Horus talks with Dr Duke on Rense Radio

The Jewish Banksters are discussed


Dr Duke talks with Horus on Rense Radio

Discussion of the situation in Greece and
the recent election victory of Golden Dawn


The Friday Show interview's Horus the Avenger

Horus goes on Voice of Reason Radio


Horus discusses the latest Animation with VoR


The Unsolicited Opinion on Republic Broadcasting Network

Horus talks with Maggie Roddin about White Rabbit Genocide


Horus Exposes the Pink Rabbits


Down the Rabbit Hole with Horus the Avenger


You can also read the CC interview

Counter Currents Radio Interview with Horus


Horus goes on the Don and Derek Black Show

WPBR 1340AM Radio in South Florida

Practical Politics is the main topic

Truck Roy comes on after the first half hour


Practical Politics with Horus and Truck Roy

How our enemies actually prevail

And how we CAN prevail

Hint: Controlling the Message


Dr Duke talks with Horus on Rense Radio

Dr. Duke and Horus discuss the amazing historical revolution that shows

Europeans settled the Americas thousands of years before Asian Indians

This was recorded on Feb. 29, 2012


Horus talks with Dr David Duke Show on Rense Radio

This the second time Horus has been on Dr Dukes new show

Listeners will get a good introduction to our message

This was recorded on Jan. 27, 2012


Horus goes on Rense Radio's new Dr David Duke Show

Horus and Dr Duke talk about White Rabbit GeNOcide

Listeners will get a general introduction to White Rabbit Radio

This interview took place on Jan. 4, 2012


Horus and Truck Roy discuss The Mantra

New Mantra Video hits Norway

BUGS and the future


Follow The White Rabbit 73

Horus and Truck Roy are back!

Conflict and Scarcity

Geopolitical Speculation


Follow The White Rabbit 74

Practical Politics and the Swarm

Running North and South

Horus and Truck Roy


Follow The White Rabbit 75

Samizdat and fall of the Soviet Union

Adelheim discusses AntiWhitism

Horus and Truck Roy chime in


Follow The White Rabbit 76

ReCap of the Stormfront Conference

Horus discusses the models WRR has been using

Truck Roy and Horus continue their Q&A


Horus goes on Renegade Broadcasting

Blitzkrieg Broadcast 9-30-2013

Blitzkrieg Broadcast 10-21-2013

Blitzkrieg Broadcast 12-02-2013


Horus speaks with John Friend

The Realist Report 12-11-2013

The Realist Report 01-14-2014


Follow The White Rabbit 77

White Man March Special

Horus and Truck Roy

Special Guest Kyle Hunt


Follow The White Rabbit 78

White Man March Special Part 2

Horus and Truck Roy

Special Guest Laura Fitzgerald


Horus goes on Circus Maximus

Bob Whitaker – The Mantra

Pro-White animation films

White Man March Past, Present & Future

War by Deception – The Venetian Model

Russia/Putin and their roll today

FBI severs ties with SPLC & ADL?

• 1st Annual Torch Network Conference

• BNP and other parties

• Callers were taken


Horus on Circus Maximus for part 2

Horus and Nick discuss:
Johnny Racist and other animated films
• The Mantra
• Current Events & Historical Events
• Call Taken


Red Ice Creations - Radio 3Fourteen interviews Horus

This is an exclusive interview with the White Rabbit

behind the White Genocide Memes going around.

You may have seen these memes such

“Diversity is a code word for white genocide”

or “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.”


Follow The White Rabbit Interview Series

Horus and Truck Roy Interview BeefCake!

Beefcake's Bootcamp for Practical Politics

WhiteGeNOcide Project


Follow The White Rabbit 79

DGOM (Don't Go Off Message)

The Difference between Discussions and Wars

Stealing Fire from the Gods

Why we paint with the Anti-White Broad Brush


Follow The White Rabbit 80

The Model/Template WRR follows

The Management Class and AltNews

The Questions Bugsers must Answer and When

Various different Questions and Answers


Follow The White Rabbit 81

Horus talks with Beefcake about Jews

Primer on the explosion of Antisemitism

Living in a society that is driven by Jewish Conspiracies

The new Jewish Question


Red Ice Creations - Radio 3Fourteen 2nd Interview

This is the 2nd interview with Lana Lokteff

Managerial Class vs. the Establishment

Establishment fear of Alt Media

“War on Whites" meme controversy

Psychological Warfare and Discussions


Red Ice Creations - Horus (Tim Murdock) talks with Henrik

Ancient Aliens, King Tut, Exodus

Elites are collapsing memes into one narrative

White Genocide Keystone

Showing respect to the Managerial Class


Follow The White Rabbit 82

Horus talks With Truck Roy and Richard Cypher

Sign of the Times Roundtable

Billboards and Publicity Stunts


Follow The White Rabbit 83

Horus talks with Asgardian from Twitter

Activism & the Open Season on Anti-Whites

March against #WhiteGenocide also discussed


Follow The White Rabbit 84

Horus follows up with Asgardian

March against #WhiteGenocide

Activism Rundown from March 21st


Follow The White Rabbit 85

Angelo John Gage jumps into the Rabbit Hole

General Gage & the National Youth Front

Spotlight on #WhiteGenocide Activism


Follow The White Rabbit 86

State of the Union for BUGS

General News regarding White Genocide

And general concerns on Current Trends


Follow The White Rabbit 87

Horus talks with Bob Whitaker

VP candidate for American Freedom Party

Bob's campaign website


Follow The White Rabbit 88

Truck Roy talks about Filling a Time Slot

The complete Meme Cycle

Creating Content & Bombing all Cities