What is White Rabbit Radio?

White Rabbit Radio is  a message based media organization. If you have ever heard the words "Anti-White" or "White Genocide".  Then you already aware of us.
"White Rabbit Radio" was involved in ham radio prior to 2009.  This was run by Bob Whitaker and/or one of his associates.  In 2009, Tim Murdock was asked to do an anonymous podcast to expose the Anti-White Narrative as well as White Genocide.  In the spring of 2009,  a small ham radio website named White Rabbit Radio was one of the primary places to broadcast it.  The name also inspired the title of the first anonymous podcast Horus the Avenger's Follow the White Rabbit.   WhiteRabbitRadio.net was formally set up in late 2010/early 2011.  From then on this website has served as a home for the podcasts and animations.  We have written and produced infamous animations like AntiRacist Hitler, Johnny Racist, How Whites took over America. And we continue to produce videos, podcasts on a weekly basis.