What is White Rabbit Radio all about?

Our objective is to expose White Genocide. Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit is an allegory designed to teach practical politics. And by practical politics we are talking about non voting politics. This always starts with a Consistent Message. Specifically our consistent message is a White Rabbit rendition of The Mantra. We call it “White Rabbit GeNOcide”. We also talk about White Rabbit issues in a unique format catering to Alternative News and Research listeners.  We offer a free podcast and a subscription service that carries on where the podcast left off.  White Rabbit Radio is six years old.

Who wrote the Consistent Message?

Bob Whitaker personally penned the Mantra. He spent his career in Washington DC doing this type of thing. You can read a little about him by clicking here. He also writes a daily blog for Whitakeroline.org. All the memes we use come from the Mantra in one way shape manner or form.



Why is this considered so controversial?

The prevailing regime is a house of cards. The New World Order itself is a house of cards. This is not news. However a house of cards can be very very strong. You can pull out card after card and the system stills holds together. However there is always one card that, if pulled, will cause the whole house to collapse.

Can you point to any other tyrannical house of cards that your group has experience in bringing down?

Sure, the Soviet Union was one such house of cards. The individual that penned our consistent message helped bring down the Berlin Wall. Like we said, Bob Whitaker is a pro at writing consistent messages.


Those individuals that are behind this consistent message were also involved in bringing down the Berlin Wall?

Yes, Bob Whitaker would be someone you could publicly research and learn about his involvement in fighting Communism. There are others like Bob who are not so public but they out there supporting the message just the same. In fact, the template of action we use to attack the present system is identical to the one used to bring down the Berlin Wall!


How so?

Both the Soviet System and the Current Politically Correct System that governs the West are terribly similar. They are both closed systems. The people in charge own the truth and if you go against that truth, you go to the Gulag. There are many contradictions in a closed society that actually hold it together. That is it’s strength. But that is also it’s weakness.


Explain further and give some examples?

The Soviet System was billed as a Workers Paradise. However, this Workers Paradise had to have guards at the border with machine guns to keep people from leaving. The present Politically Correct System that currently reigns in the West is terribly similar conceptually. This present system that governs the West is based on all these wonderful feel good universal concepts like multiculturalism, diversity, tolerance and immigration. However all these wonderful universal concepts are for White Countries and ONLY White Countries. And under International Law this amounts to Genocide.


So basically the Globalist Crowd is trying to create a blended Humanity in ONLY White Countries?

Affirmative. They designed and used Social Engineering as a weapon just like you would design any other weapon. The whole time clearly and consistently targeting a group for extinction…..namely Whites.


This is kinda difficult for first time readers to get their minds around. You are saying the Western Elites who are basically White/European have designed Social Engineering Programs with a stated goal being the destruction of all European Children?

Yes, this is rather exotic. No one has ever seen such a thing. The Emperor of China does not try created a blended humanity in ONLY China. That is very odd indeed. But it is genocide nonetheless.


So basically what you guys are doing is using memes to point out this glaring contradiction over and over again?

Yes, in Tibet forced integration and assimilation of the Tibetan Nomads is Genocide under International Law. Every reader has read about Tibetan Genocide. In America integration and assimilation are forced under Federal law simply because certain areas are too white. And this is referred to as Progressive Policy. These are types of contradictions that brought down the Berlin Wall. You need only have a professional write the memes. Then blast the memes out over and over again.


Why do some white people get so upset when they hear the above Mantra?

The memes that brought down the Berlin Wall were ridiculously simple. They pointed out glaring contradictions. Things like:”If the Soviet Union is such a wonderful Workers Paradise why do they need guards at the Border to keep people from leaving?”. The dissidents would ask this type of question over and over again. When someone first heard these memes, they would do one of two things. They would either look at you like a deer in the headlights or they would get very very upset. You will see this same dynamic unfold when you use our memes. Some white people will look at you like a deer in the headlight. They don’t realize what on Earth they just heard or they will get angry and upset. This is all a normal reaction when someone realizes they are not living in a Workers Paradise. And this is a normal reaction when someone realizes that they are actually supporting their own genocide by supporting Anti-White policies.


Let me get this straight. You just said that sound itself destroyed the Berlin Wall?

Yes, as my listeners know. Sound can be very beautiful. But sound can be very very violent. Sound can destroy things that bombs and bullets cannot touch. The Soviet Union was brought down by it’s own contradictions reduced to memes and played over and over again. Sound is simply a pressure wave. Humans do not take pressure waves seriously simply because we cannot see them. We can only hear them.


Basically, the Berlin wall was brought much the same as an opera singer destroys a Wine Glass by just by singing the right note. And this is what the Mantra and all the memes associated with it are really designed to do the present system?



Basically memes in politics or revolutions are like advertising slogans and are  written by professionals?

Most definitely. The last presidential campaign used the phrase:”oh yes we can”. This was penned by professionals and it was very effective. In fact, they are always penned by professionals. However, our memes are not designed to get someone elected. They designed to point out a contradiction in the prevailing regime that governs the West.


How old is White Rabbit Radio and is there a core group on message as yet?

WhiteRabbitRadio.net was three years old as of September 2012. Yes, we have a core group on message. You can actually watch some of them post real time online all over the internet.

Follow this link to“BUGS Swarm” and take a look. We are on the fourth Swarm. You can also look at the extensive thread left by the first Swarm.


What is your goal number wise for the BUGS Swarm? The first BUGS Swarm got up to about 80 White Rabbits participating.

300 on BUGS Swarm and one white white rabbit in every area code on message.  We had this a couple years back.  Now everyone is hearing the meme White Genocide or seeing the hashtag #WhiteGenocide.


That is not a very big number on the Swarm. Nor are there really that many area codes?

It really does not take that many people to spread a message. We could do it with far fewer under certain conditions.


There are a lot of videos coming out with Horus’s voice in them. Do you grant free use of all your podcasts and images?

Sure, as long as it is being used to expose White Rabbit Genocide. “Horus the Avenger grants free use of his podcasts and ideas especially as they pertain to aiding others in stating the facts in regards to White Rabbit Genocide and its agenda of forced non-white rabbit immigration and integration into White Rabbit Holes and ONLY White Rabbit Holes”

Should the podcast be listened to in order?
Yes the podcast should be listened to in order, especially the first 24 podcasts. The first few episodes lay a foundation. In fact, it is best to treat the podcast just a like a book and start at the beginning.  The Truck  Roy interviews are stand alone.  You can just listen to them without any FTWR background for most part.  Our interviews for Rense and Red Ice are also stand alone in this regard.
EndGame Exotica picks up where the main podcast left off?
Yes, we took the podcast real time for Geopolitical News and Alternative News and Research. The title of the members only podcast is EndGame Exotica. EndGame Exotica picks up where the main podcast left off in regards to news events. The main podcast is still ongoing but limited to Practical Politics. There is also a free edition of EndGame Exotica we call Candied Carrots.