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Endgame Exotica and Candied Carrots


“Take a ride on the White Rabbit magic bus and prepare to travel to places one could hardly imagine existed. But be warned, once you’ve traveled to these places THERE IS NO GOING BACK!” ~ Dick Whitman


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“White Rabbit Radio with Horus the Avenger is my number one news source. His shows are to all news media what a good water filter is to tap water. He explains all the crap associated with agenda-driven major news networks on the big issues and gives you insight on things you won’t hear anywhere else. Simply Refreshing!” ~ JWR

Our membership area is an extension of our original podcast Horus the Avenger’s Follow the White Rabbit. If you liked that podcast, especially the news and views aspect, you would like EndGame Exotica. You can still listen to the original podcast right here for free: FTWR PODCAST

Also we are consistently asked if our membership covers any of the topics of more popular podcasts we have done with for other media outlets. The answer is OF COURSE!

Whether it be the shows Horus did with Red Ice like “War on Whites” (see below), or the latest with the Paranormies, “Horus the Avenger …the A word”, you can get a good taste (an overview of Antarctica—see below). For subscribers to EndGame Exotica, Horus covers all the news and topics in a variety of ways on average 3 times a week in approximately six 30-minute segments. And from time-to-time we have special episodes and guests.

As of late 2019, we are now making videos as well as podcasts available for members.  All posted videos are currently available to members on demand (just double click and it plays).  The videos are also available for member download going back 30 days or so from the current date.  Mp3’s are available back to the beginning for download.


Red Ice - The War on Whites
This is an exclusive interview with the White Rabbit by Red Ice Radio 3Fourteen.

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