This Week In White Genocide – #2 – DIEversity Round Table


This Week in White Genocide – #2- DIEversity Round Table



1:35 – Smash Racism DC (((shut it down))) NPI Conference
 9:26Heidi (((Berich))) from the SPLC and her fear of White Twitter

15:00 – The brown future of dating (This don’t look like no

  32:24 – Normal Whites recognizing #WhiteGenocide. Neo-Coens and Trump
 44.55 – Palestinian power, social media and exposing anti-Whites
 52:00 – #WhiteGenocide, the West and current events.
 105:04 – BUGS – Boot Camp and swarming the internet machine.
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    shari lemon says:

    I clicked on this and something popped up. It said “Beginning Oct.20 notification relating account’s security will be sent to all e-mail address associated with your account.” What on earth does that mean?

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