“We’ll keep bashing the dead White males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the White race is destroyed. Not deconstructed, but destroyed.” – Noel Ignatiev, editor of the anti-white Race Traitor magazine. 

By Jack Dempsey -This article is addressed to nationalists. You have a duty: you need to be protesting against the genocide of the White race on March the 15th of this year. 


On this day, due to the vision of an American nationalist called Kyle Hunt, we aim to get nationalists all across the world onto the streets to make a statement: we will not allow our people to be subject to the genocide imposed on them by the current regimes of the west.

This is called The White Man March (link, here).

But is this crazy? After all, where is the evidence of genocide against the White race?

In Britain, this can be answered through the research of Professor David Coleman of Oxford University.

According to Dr. Coleman, White people will become a minority in this country by 2066; and we are, of course, already a minority in London.

Do the maths. If non-White numbers are going up and White numbers are going down then that means we will be dispossessed of our land, blended into the non-White masses and vulnerable to non-White alliances aimed against us.

We are dying; check the definition of genocide by the United Nations!  

Government policies have lead to this warped reality unfolding, and the reasons why they have done this can make you one of only two things: a conspiracy theorist or a coincidence theorist.

I will be honest: if you believe, despite a plethora of evidence, that we aren’t living under an anti-White regime intent on our people’s genocide then stop reading this article, buy yourself some beers, and watch the anti-White TV.
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120px-Civil_Ensign_of_Switzerland_Pantone.svg_ Leaders of the European Union have decided to take away academic funding from Switzerland, after the majority of Swiss people voted against open borders.

The European Union has frozen all research grants for Swiss universities, worth millions of euros, and also removed Switzerland from taking part in student exchange programs. This comes as a retaliation to a recent referendum, where the majority of      Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration.
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Recently Swiss citizens voted for more restrictions on immigration, despite opposition from leaders of the European Union and others. Anti-Whites from inside and outside the country have called the campaign for immigration restrictions “racist”, and “xenophobic” in an attempt to scare the public to vote against the referendum.

A national referendum regarding immigration was passed, receiving the majority of the Swiss citizen’s votes. The vote has placed a cap on the number of immigrants allowed into Switzerland each year.

The law also allows judges to deport foreign criminals after they have served their prison sentence, among other laws regarding immigration.

Despite strong opposition from leaders of the European Union and United Nations, from the opposing Swiss political parties, and from Swiss big businesses, the people have spoken in favor of stopping White genocide in Switzerland.
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If you want to go to Germany and take advantage of the years in prison they give out so freely for speaking heresy, I have an easy two-step program by which you can be guaranteed a nice warm cell.
First, pass out pamphlets that refer to “Die Juedische Rasse,” “the Jewish race.” This is the term National Socialists used when THEY were handing out prison terms for heresy.
In our Politically Correct society, A Jew can be whatever he wants to be. The Jewish doctor on “Northern Exposure” told the Indians “I’m not white. I look white but I’m not.” He said that, like them, he had his own tribe.
A tribe is a social construct.
When the Prime Minister of Israel refers to “my nation” he is not talking about Israel. He refers to the “six million people of my nation” that Hitler killed.
I don’t know anybody this side of David Duke who would use the term “Jewish race,” and I haven’t even heard him use it.
So Jews can be a religion or a nation or a non-white minority group they choose in any conversation. They never choose “the Jewish RACE.
Which brings us to the second step on how to get an automatic Hate Speech sentence in Germany today.
Add this to your pamphlet:
“The Nazis did not commit genocide because Jews are not a race.”


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In an essay, a professor discusses how London was made minority White, and how other majority White places can be as well.

A while back, Demos and Birkbeck college had conducted a study which found that non-Whites in Britain did not want to move to White areas, and Whites in Britain did not want to live in the majority non-White areas in London, and moved out to the majority White countryside.

Eric Kaufmann, a professor of politics at Birkbeck College, wrote an essay in the “Demos Quarterly”, where he discusses this in more detail.

When census results were released in December 2012, a headline story was the dramatic change in the ethnic makeup of Britain. Nationally, the number of people from an ethnic minority background doubled in the ten years since 2001. In London, the white British dropped from 58 to 45 percent of the total. In absolute terms, 620,000 fewer white British people lived in the capital in 2011 than in 2001 despite a population boom which added a million people to London’s population.” the essay says.
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antiracistantiwhite1“Horus the Avenger of White Rabbit Radio sends out his minions to spread “the Mantra,” proclaiming, “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white” and other derivations of the racist message. While racist rabbits sending minions might sound like some sort of internet hoax, marchers in Springfield’s Jan. 20 Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration encountered one of the propagators of the Mantra, Jimmy Marr. Marr was standing in front of Springfield High School with a woman holding a sign that read, “Diversity is a code word for anti-white.” Marr was wearing a kilt and playing the bagpipes.”

Minions! LMAO.  We love it.  Of course, they do need to get their facts straight.  BOB WHITAKER did the sending!

“Dana Jo Cook of Springfield says MLK marchers were visibly upset by the sign, and she took a photo and sent it to EW for publication in order to bring “a face to the level of discrimination in our community.” 

Cook and others familiar with Marr — who is probably best known in Lane County for giving a pro-National Socialist talk at the Pacific Forum discussion group and leading some members of the audience in a Nazi salute — said they had heard Marr was considering running for mayor. EW asked for confirmation of the rumor in the blog post. 

Marr posted in the comments section of the blog that “I had not considered the idea, but I can now see from the comments that I have a moral mandate to exploit every conceivable avenue capable of producing an increase in awareness of White geNOcide.” The spelling of genocide is called for in the “White Rabbit rendition” of the Mantra and the capitalization of white is called for by Bob Whitaker on his racist site, where he also tells followers to “use emotional language” and to ask questions like “Why do you hate little White children?””

Yes, Jimmy Marr is a powerhouse of performance…..Kilt or No kilt!  We still don’t know whether the Eugene Weekly is sweet on White Rabbits. Are they going out of their way trying to give us some publicity?   Or maybe they are doing a little publicity seeking of their own?  Jimmy Marr has commented:  “You know times are hard for the anti-White establishment when they are forced to actually print the news. Last week’s White geNOcide thread was the most popular thread in the history of the Eugene Weekly Blog by a factor of at least 100X.”
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One major reason The Knockout Game was the first anti-white gambit to be outed was because the white public recognizes the Knockout Game as the perfect picture of anti-white power in America.

Anti-whites consist of a gang of anti-white minorities and their white toadies who get big cheers for hitting whites any way they feel like it, and the gang protects them. One second they call anyone who protests White Genocide a “white separatist.” The next moment they call anyone who attacks White Genocide a “white supremacist.”
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