Jews are a Social Construct

If you want to go to Germany and take advantage of the years in prison they give out so freely for speaking heresy, I have an easy two-step program by which you can be guaranteed a nice warm cell.
First, pass out pamphlets that refer to “Die Juedische Rasse,” “the Jewish race.” This is the term National Socialists used when THEY were handing out prison terms for heresy.
In our Politically Correct society, A Jew can be whatever he wants to be. The Jewish doctor on “Northern Exposure” told the Indians “I’m not white. I look white but I’m not.” He said that, like them, he had his own tribe.
A tribe is a social construct.
When the Prime Minister of Israel refers to “my nation” he is not talking about Israel. He refers to the “six million people of my nation” that Hitler killed.
I don’t know anybody this side of David Duke who would use the term “Jewish race,” and I haven’t even heard him use it.
So Jews can be a religion or a nation or a non-white minority group they choose in any conversation. They never choose “the Jewish RACE.
Which brings us to the second step on how to get an automatic Hate Speech sentence in Germany today.
Add this to your pamphlet:
“The Nazis did not commit genocide because Jews are not a race.”


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  1. Mike Jefferson
    Mike Jefferson says:

    LOL Brilliant article. I remember back looong before I was Pro-White or Racially aware I still had questions about the contradictory nature of the Holocaust. If it’s true that Jews are not a race and they are just White then why the demonization of White Germans for what they did against “the Jews?” I remember thinking back then that by their own Logic wasn’t it a Genocide against just normal Whites? Why should whites be constantly demonized when it was just other whites being murdered? The Jews are white or Not White depending on what suites their interest at the time.

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