German schoolchildren will cook and clean for “refugees” as part of work experience

Schoolchildren from an undisclosed school in the city of Lübeck, Schleswig-Holstein, will spend a week doing housework for so-called “refugees”.

The idea was sold to parents at a parents’ meeting as a “practical internship“, but has sparked outrage online.

A letter to the parents said their children will be going to “refugee” accommodations and will be making beds, sorting clothes, and “help in the kitchen” among other things.

A letter written by the Schleswig-Holstein Ministry of Education and Vocational Training, says “pupils will spend a day in a transit accommodation and help for example, fix up as beds as well as help in the collection of donations.


This is part of the School’s “week of projects to help refugees.

According to the letter there was “no contradiction” from parents or students, and it claims that donations were collected from them.


Early on, our children should learn how they have to serve refugees???” said one commenter “Working for refugees is not a lesson.

Another outraged commenter said that his son who attends the school, came home with a note saying the children should bring “welcome gifts and food.

The German political elite have entered a competition with the Swedish political elite to see who can “progress” their country the fastest.

This “progression” is towards a country where all the traditions of the past are dismantled, and ordinary White working families are thrown into a second-class position. In order to carry this out, they are pushing for a massive scale of non-White immigration, and then trying to get them into every White area.

Many people these day, including our own site, are pointing out that their agenda is White Genocide – that’s because they are breaking several rules in the UN genocide conventions.

This is not genocide by some technicality or legal loop-hole – it really is genocide because the laws and policies put in place (against our will) are intended to get rid of us. That’s precisely what genocide is.

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