Australian Stop White Genocide in South Africa protest heckled by uncaring Whites

On October the 10th, protesters gathered outside the town hall in Sydney, Australia. The “Party for Freedom in Sydney” organized the protest to speak out against the extremely brutal mass murders in South Africa of which White people are specifically a target of.

It is not a matter that is talked about often. It is never seen in the news. It isn’t discussed around the water-cooler.” wrote, which first reported on the protest.

The murder of Whites in South Africa has a particularly savage element to it, above and beyond the merely criminal. It reeks of malice and racially motivated violence.

Some of the stories are truly horrific: a family brutally clubbed to death – save for the twelve year old son who was thrown into a scalding bath bound and gagged, whist the family dog was disemboweled.

A whole family cut up with an axe; a mother and daughter are raped and tortured seemingly for kicks; a man is stabbed 150 times and his wife and child shot at close range and other reports include the pouring of boiling water down the throats of an elderly couple and farmers being dragged behind vehicles. These are not mere acts of violence incidental to theft or other criminal activity.

One eyewitness said “most of the people who yelled at us today were women, and all of them were White. I really don’t understand what they’re going on about. Why should the mass murder of Whites, many of whom are women and children, not be a cause for concern? That’s what we’re protesting about!

Another person asked “do these people think we should be ignoring something that would be a cause of large scale public denunciations if it were perpetrated against, say, indigenous Australians? So it’s OK to treat Whites this way? Is that what I’m supposed to take from the abuse we got?

Things are so bad in South Africa that one politician who was campaigning for presidency had to promise that there would “never be a white genocideunder his rule, after he was caught singing about shooting White people.

This is precisely why we all must stand united against White Genocide, not just in South Africa, but the one that’s taking place globally.

There is often some confusion to what we mean by this, let me explain. This global White genocide is not being carried out through mass murder – it is being carried out through political policies.

Firstly, majority White countries were all at the same time opened up to massive scale non-White immigration. Secondly “diversity” laws were put in place which are specifically meant to get more non-White people into White areas.

Both of these policies were put in place because there is a collective intent to get rid of White people, or at the very least, get rid of the White majority. This is White Genocide.

h/t White Genocide Project