White Genocide In Ireland



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  1. cecil henry
    cecil henry says:

    This is White Genocide and it is the Election issue– in the US, in Canada, in Europe.

    Its been done in EVERY white nation and ONLY White nations. Its GENOCIDE.

    What he talks about in London is been done in Toronto, Vancouver and everywhere it can be accomplished.

    “I am opposed to the swamping of our land by foreign races that will inevitably lead to our physical extermination and extinction, as a people and as a race…And, the reality is there aren’t any white
    communities left. Call it what you will: White Flight, ethnic cleansing, genocide; in many areas whites are now irrelevant. There aren’t any whites left. So the reason I live in London is so I won’t forget this.
    And, I won’t forget what the political class has done to my people…”


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