German government opens borders to all Syrians



The German government has flung open Germany’s borders to any and all Syrians, regardless of whether they claim to be asylum seekers.

A statement from the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees said thatGermany will become the member state responsible for processing their claims.

This new diktat means Syrians will no longer have their asylum cases reviewed to see if they are genuine refugees; they will be let in regardless.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President, François Hollande, have spoken in Berlin, and are speaking about again trying to force all EU countries to take in a quota of illegal immigrants.

Merkel’s spokesman said that “Germany is a compassionate country and will not allow refugees to be met here by hateful slogans or alcohol-fueled loudmouths,” and said they should be treated with “dignity and respect.

Germany predicts that it will be flooded with over 800,000 illegal immigrants this year

There are real Syrian refugees, and the crucial point here is that they all went to neighboring countries – Jordan, mostly. There are another kind of Syrian “refugees” who travel through many safe countries on their way to Germany, Sweden, or Britain. They are simply economic illegal immigrants, like all the others, because they pass through many safe countries.

EU leaders know this, but they still call them “refugees” because it makes the European majority less against them flooding into Europe.

Most – if not all – EU leaders are anti-White, and they want to make Europe more “diverse”, or in other words, less White.

These people are supposed to have intimate knowledge of the law, but they seem blissfully unaware that their agenda is legally – White genocide.

H/T White GeNOcide Project