This week in #WhiteGenocide 7

***Disclaimer: This was a test run recording. There are some sound issues that have been resolved. Due to interest and demand we decided to release it.***

This Week In #WhiteGenocide - 7

Keeping The Eye On The Prize

:32 - Trump's Return To Sender Campaign
13:55 Pro-White or Anti-White : No Middle ground
24:20 The Process of Hardening Up
30 : Border Issues and Tex-Mex Chaos
34:20 The Collective Attack on Whites
39:49 California's Brown Out
44:10 Truck Roy Defcon Level 1488
47:00 Standing Your Ground
58:00 The TRS Doxxing
1:18 Closing Remarks

Host-Horus The Avenger - @EuroRabbit
Co-Hosts - Truck Roy (former StormFront Radio Co-Host)
Johnny Monoxide -The Paranormies Present: The Ahnenerbe Hour on TRS radio Network @realparanormies

3 replies
  1. Afterthought
    Afterthought says:

    This is the podcast we have been waiting for!

    Requested guests:

    Musonius Rufus – Identity Dixie
    Hunter Wallace – Occidental Dissent
    (any of the “alt South”)

    Jazzhands McFeels & Marcus Halberstram of Fash the Nation

    Davis MJ Aurini – Stares at the World blog

  2. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    Fantastic program.
    Getting back into the swing in a big way. This one’s gonna be yuge. I tweeted it out.
    Will share on TRS comments too.

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