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How Whites Took Over America part 2

How Whites took over America part 2

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How Whites Took Over America

Antiwhites Debunked

Another Elite calls for White Genocide

EndGame Exotica July 21, 2014

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: NeoCons pushing for WW3?

July 21, 2014GEOa

News & Views: Media pushing Putin as the Devil!

July 21, 2014GEOb

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Screamers, Thugs and Thought Police

Tim Wise did an attack on me:

That makes me very happy because Tim Wise, WR tells me, is “the country’s leading anti-white spokesman.”   In Mainline Discussion, that means he is the leading “anti-racist.”

In Bob Talk, that means that Tim Wise is the Screamer the Thugs call in when they want the Anti-White orthodoxy repeated.   The thugs, as we all know, determine who speaks on every campus.   If someone they don’t approve is scheduled, they threaten to riot and the faculty always backs down “to void trouble.  photo timwise-2.jpg

It doesn’t hurt that all the speakers allowed on campus are the ones the faculty wants, too.

Note that Wise used the word “Nazi” from the get-go.  Anyone who opposes him is a Nazi, the Mantra is a Nazi meme.

Then at the end of the article he quotes the Mantra as declaring that people like him call anyone who opposes them “anaziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews.”  He screams that this trivializes the Jews in the Holocaust.   Actually, from the beginning of the article, HE is trivializing them.

In the United States there are the Thugs who threaten us physically and their pet Screamers who get paid to repeat the same old anti-white ritual.

Both would rather turn the whole thing over to the Thought Police, as Europe has. Anyone who agrees with the Screamers is “exercising his right to free speech,” those of us who preach heresy are “hiding behind the First Amendment.”

Most of the anti-white Screamers would like to be Thugs and both the Thugs and the Screamers would rather be Thought Police.

H/T Bob Whitaker & BUGS

EndGame Exotica July 18, 2014

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: Airliner goes down in the Ukraine!

July 18, 2014GEOa

News & Views: Crazy Space talk surround Maven and MOM!

July 18, 2014GEOb

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EndGame Exotica July 16, 2014

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GEO = Geopolitical News

News & Views: How will the Bear Retaliate?

July 16, 2014GEOa

News & Views: Keep your Eyes on the Crazies!

July 16, 2014GEOb

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Popcorn Time!

Mr Wise accuses Bob Whitaker of lampooning the holocaust with the phrase “Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”.   Then Mr Wise turns around and calls Bob a Nazi over and over again in the very same article.  Which is precisely the point Bob has been making.  When someone disagrees with an anti-White like Mr Wise.  That individual is always called a “Naziwhowantstokillsixmillionjews”.

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EndGame Exotica July 14, 2014

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GEO = Geopolitical News

Around the World with H. Avenger!

July 14, 2014GEOa

Around the World with H. Avenger!

July 14, 2014GEOb

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White Countries 4 Everyone

Tweet Home Alabama!

Paltalk Discussion with Robert W. Whitaker

We will be hosting an online LIVE discussion with Robert W. Whitaker on Saturday July 26 th @ 5pm ET to be held in the “Fight White Genocide” room on PalTalk.

This session is being held for the purpose of listening to Robert W. Whitaker discuss the crime of White Genocide. He will be directly responding to media and the public answering any questions or opposing views they may have.

Our job now is to forward on and promote the attached media release and get the word out, that there is an opportunity to speak with the originator of the White Genocide Mantra, Robert W. Whitaker.

Please be sure to keep this date free in your calendars, as we look forward to seeing you all there.

We can have a maximum of 200 participants in the room.

PDF - Robert W. Whitaker Paltalk July 26th

“Civil rights laws were not passed to apply to White men and do not protect them”

–Mary Francis Berry, former chair of the US Civil Rights Commission.

General Wesley Clark explained that American troops can be sent to fight and die anywhere because, “There is no room for any ethnically pure country in Europe.” Clark was a leading Democratic candidate for the presidency.

This kind of insanity is standard talk among anti-Whites, both liberal and conservative, when talking to each other.

Only when talking to someone who brings up White Genocide do these leftists, moderates, and neoconservatives deny that they seek the Final Solution to the White Problem.

They call this Final Solution “intermarriage,” but everyone understands that their program of massive third world immigration is only for WHITE countries, and every White country is to be forced to accept the third world overflow. ALL and ONLY White countries are to be condemned or boycotted or, if General Clark has his way, INVADED to force third world immigration.

In every single White country, massive immigration is to be followed by assimilation. The President of France stated that if France did not proceed with intermarriage quickly enough, force would have to be used to enforce it. General Wesley Clark is not the only anti-white demanding that military force be used for the Final Solution to the White Problem.

 But this is only the PUBLIC face of White Genocide. When the discussion is only with other anti-Whites, the evidence is that every single anti-White is a little Hitlerite, just with a different form of race hatred in mind.

You have heard this message before. Anti-whites demand to know where this rapidly spreading charge came from.

It came from Robert W. Whitaker.

He originated the Mantra, which states this program of White Genocide clearly.

The only way anti-whites can deal with this obviously true charge is to hide from it. They never contradict it. Like any other felons caught red-handed, all they can do is scream epithets and insults.

Anti-whites scream “racist’ and “White supremacist.”

They might as well be shouting, “Guilty!”

The oldest cliche in the legal profession is, “If you have no defense, attack like hell.”

Saturday July 26th on Paltalk – “Fight White Genocide” Room @ 5pm ET – Robert W. Whitaker, 5 year Capitol Hill Senior Staffer, Reagan appointee with three successful political books and originator of the White Genocide Mantra will be hosting a discussion on White Genocide where he will answer any questions or opposing views.

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