This Week in #WhiteGenocide 35



This Week in #WhiteGenocide 35

When Nazis dominate ski teams

2:00 Swede loses her head for Diversity

8:00 Germans buying up Air Rifles

15:00 Savage talks White Genocide

27:00 Bitcoin blood bath or buying opportunity?

38:00 Nehlen and Duke causing a stir

45:00 Make Yoga White again

50:00 Swastika boot prints

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  1. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    Easy Off is a great “Degreaser” for those of us that live in Greasy-Mexican Occupied California.

  2. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    Go watch this video.

    Pelosi: My Grandson Wishes He Were Hispanic

    Pelosi has been speaking on the House floor since 10 am about DACA
    recipients, and shared one story about a girl who felt that she didn’t
    fit in with her American peers because she had dark skin and was

    Pelosi said the story reminded her about her grandson’s birthday wish.

    “He’s Irish, English, whatever, whatever, and Italian,” Pelosi said
    of her grandson. “And when he had his sixth birthday, he had a very
    close friend whose name is Antonio, he’s from Guatemala, and he has
    beautiful tan skin and beautiful brown eyes and the rest.”

    “This was such a proud day for me because when my grandson blew out
    the candles on his cake, they said, ‘did you make a wish?’” Pelosi
    recalled. “He said, ‘I wish I had brown skin and brown eyes like

    “So beautiful, so beautiful. The beauty is in the mix — the face of
    the future for our country is all American and that has many versions,”
    Pelosi concluded.

  3. Efreet
    Efreet says:

    supposedly one of the migrants just tried to rape a 10 year old in the UK.
    migrants are throwing hand grenades in Sweden.
    Europe is going crazy.

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