This Week in #WhiteGenocide 32


This Week in #WhiteGenocide 32

When famous Boomers start writing about White Genocide

1:40 Boomer Awakening

12:08 Police called to protect Anti-Whites

17:15 Huffpo calls White Genocide an "absurd theory"

34:37 Right Wing Norwegians refuse to leave 99.999% white Norway for shithole USA

38:13 Sythhammer666

51:00 (((Liberals))) want you in a third world shithole

57:40 Make MySpace White again

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  1. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    I did some for Styx also.

    After the Sargon debate and then the very well done debate where Greg Johnson exposed Styx’s silly utopian visions in which people settling conflicts with gun violence was more preferable than the State stepping in to protect a healthy homeland for White people, the ‘Skeptic’ style of “What if…fantastical visions” was reminiscent of Baroque and Rococo architectural ornament plus preposterous Sci-fi channel B-Movies.

  2. MercilessTrutherbot
    MercilessTrutherbot says:

    “The Time Is Up” “A New Day Is On The Horizon” – the most overrated no-talent billionaire in the world has spoken and the countless morons in her herd of sheep have listened. Have you ever seen someone worshiped for absolutely f**king nothing like she is? I do not understand the whole Oprah thing, never have n never will. She got famous by stealing Phil Donahue’s show model for f**k’s sake, what is going on…

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