This Week in #WhiteGenocide 17












The Trollocaust

01:00 C-Ville

20:00 conspiracy talk

30:00 The Anti-Whites last hooRay !

44:38 Doxing talk

53:15 Twas the night before C-Ville and the anti-whites shit themselves

57:20 IL senate wants to name all pro whites terrorists / Drugging whites for dieversity

104:30 Night of the long dildos or the Shutting

111:08 Two different pens

115:00 One hell of a law suit

1:18:45 After party talk

121:40 Finally Shoahed off Mixcloud

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  1. Adalwolf
    Adalwolf says:

    I was surprised to overhear normies talking about Cville in random places like the grocery store, and the majority of those talking about it seemed to agree that we had a right to protest the removal of the statues. It seems like Trump has done us a great service by waging his war against the MSM, because now fewer people believe their lies.

    Could the elite’s reaction to Cville mark the beginning of the endgame? I don’t see how they can come back from this, considering they’ve crossed the Rubicon in terms of actively removing someone from the Internet because of their opinion.

    Also, Johnny, upload this to TRS!

  2. Billy Bob
    Billy Bob says:

    I wish there was an unspoken agreement that when anyone speaks to the media that they stay on a scripted consistent message.

  3. Walter Oleg
    Walter Oleg says:

    The Black Sun returns on August 21st 2017. It’s a Full Solar eclipse and will be visible in its fullest glory over Trump voting country. The transcendent God(s) are sending a sign to remind us to (in the words of Jordan Peterson) “get ourselves in order.” Darkness is coming and we need to “sort ourselves out.”

    The eclipse event reminds us that we’re headed for dark times but also that the light will return. But we shouldn’t downplay the fact that the black sun is a dark symbol. We all have some darkness inside us. Jung called this the “Shadow.” Jung said that we need to get to know our shadow so that it doesn’t secretly drive us.

    We need an outlet to channel our dark, shadowy energies in a way that can help us to grow as people, while also benefiting most of humanity. We must direct our darkness onto the forces of forced human agglomeration and standardization.

    People that demand forced-inclusion are either control freaks or codependents. The globalist elites are control freaks, whilst most of their foot soldiers are codependents that can’t tolerate the right to human exclusion due to a fear of abandonment.

    How can anyone force one group of humans to integrate with another? EXCLUSION IS THE HUMAN RIGHTS ISSUE OF OUR TIMES! Exclusion, differentiation, niches, etc; these are the way of the universe. Human communities are formed organically over time and the in-group has a group-consciousness that can be thought of as the god of the tribe, city, or village. If someone demands on “integrating” with you, then this causes problems. Community is only real if the people come together by choice. Forced inclusion is sacrilege against nature and God.

    The God of the old testament offered a Covenant to his “chosen nation.” It was a contract and included the rules that were the Highest Truth for that nation. Some of these were even written in stone and carried in a magic ark that their God was said to dwell in.
    If Whites had a tribal God like Yahweh from the Old Testament, what highest Truths would He have for us?
    I believe His truth would apply to the individual and the collective levels.

    On the individual level, you have three main focuses to “get into order.”
    1) Fitness: Are you fit and healthy? If overweight, why? Why don’t you work out? Do you eat well? Any addictions? Are you emotionally stable?
    2) Finance: Do you have a job that is suitable for your abilities or are you capable of doing more? If a student, do you get good grades? Are you in debt? Anything in savings? Do you live frugally? Is your living space clean and tidy? Are you planning for old age? Are you a liability or asset for future generations? Generation Z is coming, don’t get lined up against the wall on accident. LOL
    3) Family/Friends: How’s your relationships with others? Are you networking with a positive group of people? Do you need to make amends with anyone you did wrong in the past? Do you have any friends? Are you married? Can you handle a romantic relationship? If you have kids, do you take an active role in parenting them? Are you codependent?

    Our Great White Father God wants you and me to “get these in order.” He wants us to be physically and mentally healthy, earning a proper living, and having some intimate connections with some of His other “Chosen People.”

    The Great White Father God’s revelation begins with the individual level because getting these basics “sorted out” makes you better at serving the collective level

    The collective High Truth from the White Father is that He orders His Chosen People to not only survive, but thrive in the universe and anyone who tries to stop this will face old testament scale justice. The “Chosen People” will deal fairly with anyone willing to respect our right to exclusion. Respect White exclusion and we’ll develop more sustainable energy, clean the oceans and air and treat the animals more fair.

    Once you get 1) Fitness, 2) Finance, 3) Family/friends squared away you can move on to your contribution in carrying out the Great White Father God’s High Truth; that being your holy work of building his Kingdom of Heaven. It may be good to lay off any kind of real life activism or even web posting if you’re really struggling with 1,2,3.

    4) Purpose: this is your conversation with the Great White Father God and its expression in the universe through your actions. What are you doing to build the Kingdom of White Heaven? Are you building new web services? Financing the movement. Are you creating art? Leading rallies? Shitposting on twitter? Are you setting up conferences? Writing blogs or books? Doing legal work? Donating money to those doing this holy work? You must determine what gifts you have and how they can best be utilized in carrying out God’s High Truth and therefore His covenant.

    During the time of the Eclipse on August 21th 2017, I beseech you to make a personal covenant with the Great White Father on how you should live your life. Write down and declare out loud (outside under the Sun and moon) how you’re going to sort out your 1) fitness, 2) finances, and 3) family/friends. Ask God what your 4) purpose should be in serving Him and his Chosen People (White humans of the earth) in building the Kingdom of White Heaven.

    If you need to use some kind of a “Shamanic aid” to help see the transcendental world, then feel free to do so for this event.

    As the darkest phase of the eclipse occurs, cultivate the darkness within you to unleash fire and fury (rhetorically and empirically) on the forces of Forced-Inclusion. Just like the rest of the universe, we all take part in creation and destruction. We must destroy the anti-White, satanic system before we can truly build the Kingdom of White Heaven. Channel the darkness from the Black Sun and merge it with the darkness inside you to smash the globalist hate-machine of forced-inclusion into dust.

    Keep the piece of paper (stone tablets) with your covenant with God until the next Eclipse on 4-8-2024. At that time do a detailed personal assessment of yourself and whether you lived out the covenant to the best of your abilities.You have 2422 days between eclipses. 6 years 7 months 18 days to improve your life and do your part to bring about the White Kingdom of Heaven. How will the world change between the two Black Suns? You may use “Shamanic aids” at the next eclipse as well.

    Who will be a part of the Schwarze Sonne Covenant?

  4. Steven Rowlandson
    Steven Rowlandson says:

    Frankly the god of the bible is a space alien. The tribal hero god theory doesn’t apply in this case. We know this to be true due to testimony from his son and mini me Jesus the Christ. The only chosen people re those who elect to follow God and the Jews and other Israelite gave up on that long go unless they converted to Christianity and that is probably a rare event. If Jews as individuals ever obtain grace it will be an accident of history.

    On another topic have the white nationalists considered their treatment at Charlottesville to be an act of genocide by the use of physical assault with weapons including chemical and biological weapons. Perhaps the application of international law to that unfortunate event is a valid idea. Seeing antifa and the anti white governments involved charged and sentenced for genocide seems like a good idea. You guys were targeted.

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