This Week In #WhiteGenocide 12

The Replacement of White History

Host-Horus the Avenger - @EuroRabbit

Co-Host- Johnny Monoxide - The Paranormies Present : The Ahnenerbe Hour on the TRS Network

Special Guests:

Musonius Rufus - Rebel Yell on the TRS Network,

Tom Bowie - @tomcloned

Truck Roy - Stormfront Radio

1:18 - Lee Statue Defense Recap -NOLA

8:05 - Dehumanization of Southern History

13:40 - #WhiteGenocide in the News

20:20 - Suidlanders

25:54 - Truck Roy's Take on NOLA

36:18 - Black Professor Man of Texas A&M

42:10 - EBT and GibsMeDat

56:30 - Hanging Out

58:00 - False Flags in Germany

1:00:40 - France

1:06:15 - Open Discussion

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  1. sk
    sk says:

    I do not agree that socialism works in homogenous societies. My friend had a Norwegian father. A while back she was able to visit a cousin in Norway. Her cousin’s unmarried daughter at that time had two children with two different Norwegian fathers. When the state takes care of everything husbands are not necessary. Since then this same daughter made a trip to Africa. Came back pregnant. You know the rest.

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