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JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - JUNE 17: Immigrants watch as others jump the queue to apply for asylum as refugees at a government refugee center June 17, 2008 in Johannesburg, South Africa. Officials were overwhelmed by the crowd of thousands that appeared Tuesday morning, after a three day weekend in South Africa. The wave of immigrants crossing illegally from Zimbabwe continues, despite the xenophobic violence against immigrants last month. (Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

The EU illegal immigration crisis just took an unexpected twist – a special EU-Africa Summit is being held in Malta, where EU leaders will be asking African nations for legal Africans immigrants – and will pay for them.

The plan is to send failed asylum seekers home (ones who have no lawful reason to stay), and replace them with “skilled” immigration from African countries. In return the EU rulers will “offer new financial resources” to the African countries.

The EU rulers had tried to keep this a secret, but during an interview, Angela Merkel slipped up and revealed the objective of the summit.

And of course, we will also ask the question: How can we take, for example, young Africans legally into Germany, when it comes to professions which we have occupational shortages in. It’s enlightening that we have not yet done enough.

We will also offer the Africans new financial resources” she said.

This news has already made its way to other politicians, and UKIP leader Nigel Farage described it as “sheer madness.

The EU’s way to stop illegal mass migration from Africa is to make it legal. This is sheer madness.

There is another reason why they wanted to keep this plan a secret – it will also cost the European taxpayer, a predicted 1.4 billion Euros (1.5 billion US Dollars).

According to The Express, this money will be used to teach Africans a European language, pay for their passports and documents, and some may be given a grant in order to lure them into Europe.

That 1.4 billion Euros could be used to train Europeans, but oh no, the EU leaders have different ideas.

Frankly, they don’t really care about the average European families. You see they have an agenda to “diversify” Europe and get rid of all those bad White countries

No one ever notices that all this talk about getting rid of borders, or taking immigrants only ever applies to places where there are White people. If you listen to these anti-Whites, they’ll act as if White folk are the only ones who have an obligation to open our borders and destroy our own identity.

This agenda is nothing more than White Genocide – and it’s pure evil.

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On Sunday 8th, more than one hundred protesters gathered in Calais, France, to show resistance to certain agendas enforced on the country.

The event was started by a Facebook page called “We will not give the keys to Calais“, and had participants from the French spin-off of the Pegida movement, French Dissent, Sauvons Calais, and the English Defence League.

There were three main topics addressed; the Islamization of Europe, mass immigration, and White Genocide.

The participants shouted slogans such as “France for the French”, “Islam out”, and “Immigrants out.”

They also carried banners saying “Diversity is a code word for White Genocide” and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” The banners linked to

Though Denis Gaudin, the sub-prefect of Calais, scorned the event, he could not ban it as there was “no risk of disturbing public order” and the would be “sufficient police forces.

There was a bit of a commotion when someone supporting mass immigration tried to steal one of the French flags, but he was quickly arrested by police.

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White Supremacists or White Separatists? Which one is it RawStory?

RawStory recently published an article titled: “White supremacist conference proposes whites-only states: We’ll ‘give the blacks Manhattan’

RawStory tries to backup their use of the “White supremacist” lie by saying that the South Poverty Law Center has “identified” it as a “White supremacist” group.

As yes, the SPLC, the “Hate Watch” cash-cow that got officially dumped by the FBI for “producing inaccurate and biased data…

When I hear the mass media saying “White supremacist”, I just have to roll my eyes.

There is a very basic difference between a “supremacist” and a “separatist”. Supremacists want to rule over others because they believe their views are superior, and separatists want to be left alone because they want to separate.

The mass media love to say “supremacist” because it makes people think “Oh no, the evil White supremacists are going to come to my neighborhood and stomp on my face!

If they used “separatist” – the correct word in that context – it would be a silly article: “Oh no, these evil White separatists want to be left alone! How dare they?!?

Are they letting kids write their articles these days, or do they really not know the difference?

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Speaking at a conference in Budapest, the Hungarian Prime Minister, Viktor Orban, warned that Europe cannot build its future on immigrants, and that EU governments should encourage families to have more children.

Europe cannot build its future on immigration instead of familieshe said at the conference.

He said governments should motivate European families to have more children, warning that “the survival of our civilization and our culture is at stake.

In another recent speech in Budapest, Mr Orban said “well organised money movers” such as billionaire George Soros were responsible for Europe’s current illegal immigration tsunami.

Europe has been betrayed, if we don’t stand up for it, the continent will no longer be for those citizens living here.

Who in Europe voted to allow people to arrive illegally in their millions and then be distributed?” he asked in a radio interview.

What is happening today has no democratic basis…

The people of Europe are beginning to wake up, they have realized that immigration is a cultural question, our identity is at stake.

In September, Zsolt Bayer, another important Hungarian politician, gave a similar warning, saying that an “artificial, manufactured mass migration” was being used to destroy Europe, and anyone who disagrees “automatically becomes a Nazi“.

Is what they’re saying true? Well, let’s look at what the other side is saying.

Earlier this year, François Crépeau, a United Nations official, said “I don’t see any other solution for Europe, they need to open the borders.

And just last month, William Lacy Swing, the head of the International Organization for Migration, said governments of “Northern” societies should “educate” its people for the tsunami of illegal immigrants from the “largely unemployed global south“.

Leaders who are not preparing their people for this, through public education, public information, and awareness-raising campaigns, just may not be doing their job” said Swing.

Germany is one example of how bad their agenda failed. Their government flung open their borders to anyone who claimed to be Syrian, and moaned when this didn’t work out as expected.

Now German intelligence agencies, politicians, and media are predicting “ethnic conflicts” and civil war may be part of the country’s future.

The real question is, why is the happening? Why is it so important to get immigrants into Europe? (and let’s not forget about America, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand.)

It’s not that those in charge want immigrants, they want a very specific kind of immigrant – non-White immigrants – and they want them to pour into majority White countries . . . all in the name of “diversity”!

The anti-Whites are deliberately trying to engineer the demographics through immigration to get this “diversity” they dream of, but they are only doing it in White countries.

This targeting of a group is very clearly defined in certain international laws, specifically, the UN genocide conventions.

White Genocide” is a very scary term if you are hearing it for the first time, but you can read the genocide conventions for yourself. If you do, I think you will agree that mass non-White immigration, “multiculturalism” and “diversity” are part of the White Genocide agenda.

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German Media and politicians are worrying that German chancellor, Angela Merkel’s open borders policy will result in a civil war in Germany, after waves of arson attacks and government censorship laws.

Hansjörg Müller, a senior member of the Alternativ for Deutschland (AfD), is one such politician raising the alarm.

What we are now looking at is more and more Germany sliding towards anarchy.” Müller told RT.In this situation I think less and less is determined by law, more and more is determined by who acts.

Germany now is somewhere at the edge of anarchy and sliding towards civil war, or to become a banana republic without any government.

Adding that “in former Eastern Germany people are still aware of what it is living in a dictatorship. They are feeling quite well that our so-called democracy is sliding more and more towards a totalitarian state.

Some people in the media are also worrying this may happen as well, after Merkel recently said that the borders must remain open to prevent military conflicts in Europe.

German Newspaper, DWN, wrote an article criticizing Merkel’s fear-mongering comments as “irresponsible” and “threatening“.

A warning of a war in Europe expressed by the German Chancellor in public is irresponsible,” wrote the DWN.

The reaction of all ordinary people to such a threatening statement would be that they would want the borders to be closed quickly.

Merkel is on the anti-White side, and in case you did not know, they are trying to get rid of all the majority White countries, cities, and towns, with their “diversity” agenda.

It’s not open borders if you only allow certain countries or groups of people to immigrate. When a government does that, what they are trying to do is change the demographics of the country.

There is a correct word for this: Genocide. It’s White genocide because “multiculturalism”, “open borders” and “diversity” are all just part of a deliberate political agenda to get rid of White people.

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Just recently it was stated by the Prime Minister of Hungary that he believed Soros was largely responsible for helping aid the “migrant” crisis aka flooding Europe with an endless flood of non-Whites from the third world.

We have already stated clearly here on WGP that we do not believe this so called “migrant” crisis just happened by accident. We simply do not believe that these people, in their millions, decided they were going to force their way into Europe with no one directing them from behind the scenes. As much as the media likes to imply Europe has had influxes of “refugees” like this in the past, it is simply not true. Nothing on this scale has happened to Europe before. It is nothing less that an attempt by someone, somewhere to:

Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part; (Genocide Convention Article 2c)

Now, the finger is being pointed at Soros, and if a smoking gun is found that links the “migrant” crisis to Soros will he be charged for crimes against Europe?

We have had calls for Tony Blair to be arrested for war crimes.

There even exists an organization still trying to get him arrested.

So what about Soros? Can he expected the same if it is discovered he has engineered this “migrant” crisis and has been maliciously trying to destroy the ancient ancestral homeland of White Europeans?












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