“I’ve notice that most BBQ houses have bulletin boards for business cards and lots of good-ole-boy-red blooded-American customers.”

Way to go Ken and what a simple way to bring awareness to White Genocide than your Local Bulletin Boards. It’s encouraging to think of how many people are changed forever by your simple act…..ivism!


Make sure to check the below linked website (Fight White GeNOcide). They are the sponsors of the “March against #WhiteGenocide” scheduled for March 21st 2015

h/t Fight White GeNOcide is dedicated to documenting #WhiteGeNOcide street activism

This is fantastic! One of our UK based fans saw this on his commute to work and took a photo for us! Apparently it’s at a busy junction that gets tail backs in the morning, so lots of people sitting in their cars stationary right in front of it!

To whoever did this, great work, we salute you! Notice the anti-Whites are so angry they have tried to tear the sticker down!

“MultiCULTuralism” is just a GENOCIDAL SCAM against White people.


h/t White GeNOcide Project


According to Lincolnshire Echo, some stickers have been found around the city of Lincoln which say “Anti-racist is a codeword for anti-White“.

Karen Lee, a councilor for the city of Lincoln, asked local residents online to report any of the “offensive” stickers they find around the area so the council can remove them as soon as possible.

The Lincolnshire Echo asked a 19 year-old passerby what he thought of the sticker’s message

Anyone can be a racist. Being anti-racist doesn’t mean you’re anti white.” he said “A black person can be racist as much as a white person can be racist.

The point of the message is that majority White groups, countries, etc are “racist” in the eyes of anti-Whites, but majority non-White groups, countries, etc are absolutely fine.

In short, “anti-racism” as anti-Whites call it, is about taking things from White people. In their mind, Africa is for Black people, Asia for Asians, but White countries for everyone.

 H/T White GeNOcide Project


Last week on the Veteran’s Day parade in Albany, Oregon, residents found flyers against White Genocide placed on their car windshields.

The flyers featured the phrases “ANTI-RACIST is a code word for ANTI-WHITE” and “DIVERSITY is a code word for WHITE GENOCIDE.

Some anti-Whites were outraged and called the police and local government, and wrote letters to the Democrat-Herald.

According to the Democrat-Herald, Peter Goodman, a member of “Community Action For Racial Equity” or “C.A.R.E“, a local activist group, opposed the message of the White Genocide flyers.

He said “When something like this happens we encourage people to make an individual protest […] Contact the police or write to the paper to let the community we don’t want that here.

We’re asking the city affirm opposition to this sort of hate literature and promote a welcoming attitude

Unless this type of thing is challenged it will fester and grow, […] These things are an attack on all citizens.

Legally speaking, “hate” means something that targets a group. When anti-Whites like Goodman say “hate”, what they mean is “I hate it”.

Anti-Whites targeting White people for massive non-White immigration and forced “diversity” could certainly be defined as “hate”, but it’s much more accurately defined as genocide.

h/t White GeNOcide Project


According to the, anti-Whites in Springfield, Oregon, are organizing a rally this Saturday outside City Hall to protest the recent White genocide flyers that were distributed at several local events.

Ada Ball, a rally organizer hopes people will “come together as a community to affirm that Springfield will not tolerate hate, and is a welcome place to all people.”

The flyers which featured the phrase “diversity is White genocide” have been distributed over the course of several weeks, with the latest flyers from October 10th.

The flyers were spotted at events intended exclusively for non-Whites; “Latinos, Native Americans”, “people of color”, and also high school events.the rally organizers say.

The anti-Whites have called in the police, but Springfield police Sgt. Dick Jones says nothing illegal has been done by the flyer distributors.

To you and me, nothing illegal has been done, but to anti-Whites, daring to speak about White genocide is a crime – a “thought crime”.

The anti-Whites simply cannot handle our points, our evidence, our facts – it embarrasses them – so they demand that we stop talking and hope that we go away.

We’re not the ones trying to censor people – we’re the ones that are trying to have a discussion. All that needs to be said is that we have the moral high ground and anti-Whites are morally bankrupt.

h/t White GeNOcide Project