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A deep bow of appreciation to the pro-White(s) who placed this sign, whoever you are!

H/T White GeNOcide Project

Sign found at NH middle school reading ‘Diversity is a code word for white genocide’

MANCHESTER — School officials and police are investigating an incident where a sign reading, “diversity is a code word for white genocide,” was placed on a fence outside of Parkside Middle School Monday evening.

The Superintendent of Manchester Schools Bolgen Vargas sent a letter to parents explaining the situation.

“I am writing to share details of a racially charged incident that took place at one of our schools yesterday morning,” Vargas wrote in the letter. After explaining the nature of the incident he went, “the sign is part of a bigger campaign known as the White Genocide Project, which according to their website “believes the present day social policy of ‘diversity’ is nothing more than a coordinated campaign of genocide against White people.”


“The Manchester School District finds this act of bias deplorable and we denounce it,” Vargas wrote. “And, we believe that incident such as this one are isolated and limited to the few, while the majority of our great city celebrates our uniqueness and diversity in many ways.”



One way you can tell a really classy writer is her use of novel, creative terminology.

“Local Racist and Anti-Semite Jimmy Marr Arrested.”

You can tell the writer of this title is a real pro who works hard to be original.

I have yet to see one single establishment article even mention the rioting at Trump rallies by anti-whites.

But sometimes when the right to peaceable assembly is violated, it is just plain evil:

The anti-white … stands up fearlessly for free assembly when it is used for anti-white causes:

“The permitted, lawful rally, put on by the Community Alliance of Lane County, Standing Up for Racial Justice and the NAACP as well as the Springfield Alliance for Equality and Respect outside Willamalane Center, was  “in reaction to increasing levels of racist, xenophobic, homophobic, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic and classist activity happening in Lane County,” the Community Alliance of Lane County said. “There have been more Confederate flags seen in the area, vandalism targeting Asian owned businesses, a truck driving around with neo-Nazi and white supremacist messages on it and more.”

With this innovative terminology the article shows the police moving in on this Giant Marr Thing and an arrest document showing that those same police who are absent when one or two pro-whites appear with signs saying “white genocide,” fearlessly show up in force when a dangerous giant like Marr threatens to stamp out real protesters really peaceably assembling to denounce whites.

Self-styled “professionals” who have NEVER ONCE mentioned free speech in relation to any violence against any pro-white show their dedication to American Principles when anti-whites protest in their own professional way:

They go hysterical.

And this article is pure hysteria.

No one but me will mention that.

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In several European countries, people with alternative views on mass immigration have been repeatedly ignored by their governments, so they have turned to burning down empty “refugee” shelters to get their point across.

This is widespread in Germany, but we are now starting to see this happen in Sweden as well. In the last 6 days, 3 illegal immigrant accommodations have been set fire to.

The latest burning happened to an old school in Onsala, Kungsbacka, which had been converted to house immigrants. Onsala is a rich area close to the city of Gothenberg.

This happened just a day after a converted school in Smaland was torched.

The Swedish government has taken the most “refugees” in the history of the country, and this is causing a massive awakening to White Genocide.

Sweden Democrats, the only party which opposes massive immigration, is seeing a surge in support, and now the overall majority of voters say they will vote for them.

The anti-Whites kept the lid on all the alternative viewpoints for several years by screaming names and slurs, but Swedes have had enough and are protesting in the streets – and more importantly, at the ballot box.


H/T White GeNOcide Project

On October the 10th, protesters gathered outside the town hall in Sydney, Australia. The “Party for Freedom in Sydney” organized the protest to speak out against the extremely brutal mass murders in South Africa of which White people are specifically a target of.

It is not a matter that is talked about often. It is never seen in the news. It isn’t discussed around the water-cooler.” wrote sydneytrads.com, which first reported on the protest.

The murder of Whites in South Africa has a particularly savage element to it, above and beyond the merely criminal. It reeks of malice and racially motivated violence.

Some of the stories are truly horrific: a family brutally clubbed to death – save for the twelve year old son who was thrown into a scalding bath bound and gagged, whist the family dog was disemboweled.

A whole family cut up with an axe; a mother and daughter are raped and tortured seemingly for kicks; a man is stabbed 150 times and his wife and child shot at close range and other reports include the pouring of boiling water down the throats of an elderly couple and farmers being dragged behind vehicles. These are not mere acts of violence incidental to theft or other criminal activity.

One eyewitness said “most of the people who yelled at us today were women, and all of them were White. I really don’t understand what they’re going on about. Why should the mass murder of Whites, many of whom are women and children, not be a cause for concern? That’s what we’re protesting about!

Another person asked “do these people think we should be ignoring something that would be a cause of large scale public denunciations if it were perpetrated against, say, indigenous Australians? So it’s OK to treat Whites this way? Is that what I’m supposed to take from the abuse we got?

Things are so bad in South Africa that one politician who was campaigning for presidency had to promise that there would “never be a white genocideunder his rule, after he was caught singing about shooting White people.

This is precisely why we all must stand united against White Genocide, not just in South Africa, but the one that’s taking place globally.

There is often some confusion to what we mean by this, let me explain. This global White genocide is not being carried out through mass murder – it is being carried out through political policies.

Firstly, majority White countries were all at the same time opened up to massive scale non-White immigration. Secondly “diversity” laws were put in place which are specifically meant to get more non-White people into White areas.

Both of these policies were put in place because there is a collective intent to get rid of White people, or at the very least, get rid of the White majority. This is White Genocide.

h/t White Genocide Project

The morning after the supposed shooting at the community college in Roseburg, Oregon, DIVERSITY = “WHITE GENOCIDE” banners were prominently displayed on the highway. The banners were seen by all of the mass media outlets that were camped out right nearby, but it is unlikely that they will actually show the banner, despite that they are attempting to portray this mixed race man as a “White supremacist”. It seems the media has been ordered to no longer release the secret formula for the  destruction of the White race, as it would get too many people thinking. (editor: Feel free to click on any of the pictures for a larger view)

























Roseburg was recently extremely White, but it has been forced to accept loads of “diversity”, like everywhere in the Western world.











For some context where these banners could be seen, see the diagram below.









It is fortunate that Jimmy and Judy Marr were on location to snap these photos for us. Jimmy recently wrote on VNN:

I can’t say I’m entirely surprised by the location of this shooting. I visited Roseburg last week and did a short write-up of the impressions and feedback I received from college aged young people about my truck’s DIACWFWG sign boards in Douglas County.

In addition to the obvious signs of a culturally alienated youth in a dying White town, that stretch of freeway is plastered with some of the most obnoxious, anti-white Umpqua Community College billboards I have ever seen in my life. They feature a black male and two ostensibly White lesbians and some kind of White transgendered male with rainbow colored hair accompanied by the slogan We Are Umpqua Community College.

I can only imagine how that makes young, displaced, native, White males feel about the town their immediate forefathers built and which was sentenced to death along with its timber industry over SJW concerns for the habitat of the goddamned Spotted Owl, while White Genocide advocates receive standing ovations up the road at University of Oregon and federal government has got the underground diversity pipeline running full tilt out of the nigger infested hell-holes of the East and Midwest into rural areas of the Pacific Northwest, where White refugees might otherwise have sought sanctuary.

Although these banners came from White Man March activism, I had no foreknowledge of this operation, and have “no comment” for any reporters who might actually be interested in this story. There is already plenty of material explaining the massive crime being committed against White folks across the planet.

Let’s see what results from the ludicrous narrative of the White Supremacist, Nazi, Black Lives Matter, Muslim, Occultist shooter.

h/t Renegade Tribune



This is not the actual banner, but it is likely to be the same as the one in this picture.


There are unconfirmed reports coming out of Canada, which say that a banner reading “Diversity = White Genocide” was taken down by thought-police, possibly in an attempt to censor the message.

The banner was said to have appeared on Monday morning, the 10th of September, in Mississauga, on an overpass in Queen Elizabeth Way.

According to reports, the police have taken down the banner, and are treating it as a “hate crime”.

In order to censor our views, the Canadian police force has repeatedly referred to White Genocide as a “hate crime” or “hate speech”, but they cannot make the accusation stick because it says nothing bad about other groups.

Mississauga has recently become minority (45.8% White in 2011) as a result of the anti-White policies enforced by various Canadian governments. This may explain why there is growing resistance to White Genocide in the area.

As we have seen all-too often on White Genocide project, it is the “diverse” areas where people are the most upset with these anti-White policies.

And vice-versa, it is usually the majority White areas where anti-Whites have manipulated the discussion in their favor.

H/T White GeNOcide Project