Canadian Judge rules White scholarship would threaten “safety of the state”


Before Dr. Victor Priebe died, he wrote in his will that he wanted his money to be used to set up a scholarship for single, straight, White people who are studying science.

Judge, Alissa Mitchell, has ruled that this will not be allowed because it will according to her, threaten the “safety of the state.

Although it is not expressly stated by Dr. Priebe that he subscribed to white supremacist, homophobic and misogynistic views … [the will’s instructions] leave no doubt as to Dr. Priebe’s views,” she said.

Is she going to call him a big mean poopy-pants as well?

People are allowed to be eccentric,” she said, “It’s fairly stringent, these requirements. It’s the ‘safety’ of the state that (has to be) at risk, and it’s a universally recognized risk, not just that a few people might disagree with what this person is doing.

Priebe’s will stated that his money should be given to “Caucasian, male, single, heterosexual students,” and to a “hard-working, single Caucasian White girl who is not feminist or lesbian.

Today in Canada, there are scholarships for non-White women, for American Indians, for Sikhs, and for non-Canadian citizens. But a scholarship specifically for Whites is denied because the elites are anti-White, despite most of them being White themselves.

For example, there was a scholarship in 1990 for White people of British origin, and that was ruled as “discriminatory”.

You see, Canada, like so many formerly White countries, is no longer allowed to remain White. It must become “diverse” and “multicultural” without any democratic choice or discussion, because its elite have decided so.

They’re trying to get rid of the White majority and according to international law, this is a program of White genocide. They can use as many buzzwords as the like, but “diversity” is simply just their code word for White genocide.

H/T White Genocide Project