No jobs for Portuguese so they leave, Premier wants to replace them with Arabs and Africans


20% of Portugal’s working-age population has gone to other European countries due to a lack of jobs. Portugal’s Premier, Antonio Costa, has sent letters to Austria, Greece, Italy and Sweden asking for their Arab and African illegal immigrants to replace them.

Costa told the EU parliament that Portugal should “set an example” and he is against “a Europe that closes its borders to block access to refugees…

Arabs and Africans do not want to go to Portugal, and Costa feels his country has been left out of the diversity-fest. Just 32 illegal immigrants have actually wanted to get into the country in the last few years.

Portugal’s government has even sent an ambassador to the Greek illegal immigrant camps to encourage them to consider going to Portugal, but he’s had no success.

Teresa Tito Morais, head of the Portuguese Refugee Council said the country “needs to make its voice heard to migrants arriving in Europe,

She said “The arrival of refugees will benefit the regions in the country that have become deserted,

“A large number of Portuguese have emigrated and certain regions need to regain some life.

Refugees? Migrants? Even she can’t make her mind up what they are.

If the Portuguese government wanted to easily solve its declining population, then it would create jobs for Portuguese workers who have left the country. They would not have to spend millions of Euros to “integrate” them, because they ARE Portuguese.

But this is, as they say, ‘two birds with one stone’. They hope to take advantage of the illegal immigrant chaos so then can “diversify” Portugal. Because right now, it’s “too White” for them, and that’s not what Europe’s about anymore, apparently.

This “diversity for only White countries” agenda is actually White Genocide. Being “too White” is frowned upon by the elite of Western countries, and they hope to solve this “problem” by mixing us with different groups.

H/T White Genocide Project