New York city schools trying to stop White children from becoming the majority


Some schools in New York city are worried that White children may become the majority in certain schools. They are now undertaking efforts to stop this.

The Academy of Arts and Letters, a Brooklyn school, is one such school which has seen a growth in the percentage of White children in recent years. Half of Arts and Letters’ kindergartners are now White.

I love the fact that so many White affluent families would want to send their children to my school,said Arts and Letters principal, John O’Reilly,but I know the impact it has on the diversity of my school.

Selecting students based on their race is increasingly frowned upon by everyday people, and principals like O’Reilly are trying to stop their schools from becoming Whiter with more covert methods

Arts and Letters, along with 6 other New York city schools will now give a percentage of school places to students who need English language lessons, are on a low-income, or have a family member in prison.

The majority of those sorts of students are non-White, and this is being used as less obvious way to make schools less White.

With things like this happening, how can we seriously believe someone when they say that race doesn’t matter?

Money is being spent to make sure schools don’t become “too White”, clearly, race matters a lot to the elite.

“Diversity” is just their excuse to get rid of White areas. Anti-Whites want to get rid of White areas and there is a word for this: genocide.

H/T White Genocide Project