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Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe


Chasing Down White Women

Implementing White Genocide will take place one White life at time. It will take place step by step. Germany, burdened by a wickedly imposed guilt trip, is leading the way. When will you and your home be the front line? Fraufuhrer Merkel has pledged to enrich German society with 800,000 non-Germans per year. To prepare […]

Red Ice Radio – Kevin MacDonald, Tim Murdock & John Friend – Invasion of Europe

Dr. Kevin MacDonald, Ph.D. in Biobehavioral Sciences, is the editor and chief contributor of The Occidental Observer, which presents original content touching on themes of white identity, white interests, and the culture of the West. Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger, bringing awareness to White […]

Israel’s Collapse Imminent Due To Lack Of Diversity According To “Jews For Social Justice”

By Marc Steinsaltz Israeli Correspondent for Diversity Chronicle (H.Avenger: Another great piece of satire from Diversity Chronicle. We are honored to say this piece was inspired by AntiRacist Hitler) Under Israel’s extreme right-wing government, peaceful, beautiful, creative, and vibrant undocumented African migrants have been arrested and housed in concentration camps against their will. Thousands of […]

Canadian Police suspected of covering-up White Genocide banner.

This is not the actual banner, but it is likely to be the same as the one in this picture.   There are unconfirmed reports coming out of Canada, which say that a banner reading “Diversity = White Genocide” was taken down by thought-police, possibly in an attempt to censor the message. The banner was […]

White Rage

The black rage is their defense. Now when the young guy in Charleston did his shootings, they instantly convicted me which gave us lots of publicity. The guy who just did the Jewish Center killings has just been convicted. At the beginning of his closing argument he put up on the whiteboard that “Diversity is […]

Red Ice Radio – Why Diversity is a Lie


Red Ice Radio -Tim Murdock – Why Diversity is a Lie

Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger. He is behind the widely circulated memes, “Diversity is a code word for White genocide” and “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-White.” He has also produced the popular animations “How Whites Took Over America,” “Anti-Racist Hitler,” and “Johnny […]

Imagine (There’s No White Countries)


Red Ice Radio: Tim Murdock talks PSYOP Memes


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