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Red Ice Interview: Psyop Memes

Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and the voice of Horus the Avenger. He has also produced the popular animations “How The Whites Took Over America,” “Anti-Racist Hitler,” and “Johnny Racist.” Tim has been a guest on Radio 3Fourteen and now joins us at Red Ice Radio to discuss some of the […]

2nd Interview with Red Ice – Radio 3/14

 Managerial Class vs. The Establishment Tim Murdock is the host of White Rabbit Radio and producer of the popular animations, How The Whites Took Over America and Anti-Racist Hitler and Johnny Racist, which are constantly being censored. He returns to discuss the managerial class and why the establishment fears true independent alt media, now resorting […]

Red Ice Creations Radio 3fourteen round 2

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French Ex-President Sarkozy again tells French to mix races.

Yet again…he is pushing #WhiteGenocide RT@NicolasSarkozy "Le métissage enrichit les sociétés, la consanguinité les tue" #NSTroyes #wr — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) October 4, 2014 If you can’t read French, what he is saying is: “Race mixing enriches society, consanguinity destroys it“. Back in 2012 when Sarkozy was the President of France, he gave a speech […]

Red Ice Radio – John Lash – White Genocide & The Archontic Infection


#Epic Tshirt!

Lana Lokteff from @rediceradio interviewed at Renegade. #Epic tshirt! #WR — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) July 14, 2014 Share!

Red Ice – Radio 3Fourteen


Red Ice Creations – Radio 3Fourteen

This is an exclusive interview with the White Rabbit behind the white genocide memes going around. You may have seen these memes such “Diversity is a code word for white genocide” or “Anti-racist is a code word for anti-white.” For some Tim Murdock, who is White Rabbit Radio’s Horus the Avenger, is a controversial person. […]

Happy Easter!

#HappyEaster Mantra Easter Eggs full of #candy for all the White Rabbits… #WR #BNP #ARIACWFAW #TCOT #CCOT — Horus the Avenger (@eurorabbit) April 19, 2014 Share!

Johnny Racist


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