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  1. dungeoneer
    dungeoneer says:

    You little beauty!

    Very well done team. Anti-whites are going to be developing a deeper and richer appreciation for the legendary Austrian.

  2. MissDRae
    MissDRae says:

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting forever. Thanks. Hopefully it will open the eyes of our fellow Whites.

  3. 0Rabbit
    0Rabbit says:

    ARHitler. And Evil Hitler is yet still a just a mere racist…

    FTWR#73. The ‘Satan actually exists’ dialectic to be sprung? Like some legitimate group/enemy that is serious about its ideology is going to willingly volunteer to get smashed down by modern weapons and UN/NATO’s Stasi-like surveillance network.. Any group worth discussing would know by now that actual resistance beyond being a nuisance is 100% guaranteed suicide. This is now starting to approach laughable as I understand what this is really to be about. P=multicult/racism R=controlled media conflict, planned spectacles S=R. Now we get more pseudo-history on top of it all. Well, at least I know now what the ppl at the top spend their time thinking about, I find it strange their religious reality MUST be different than those at the bottom, yet for both it is called the same religion by name. One’s religion is rooted in history owns the truth and distorts reality for the masses, the masses religion is rooted in myth, interracial porn and fucking unicorns, and if you happen not to believe in unicorns you are fucked.

  4. Miscegenation Is Murder
    Miscegenation Is Murder says:

    It’s a great cartoon, but I think it could’ve been a little funnier if it had more verbose shouting and Popeye the Sailor machismo. Maybe with Hitler telling the jews that they’re just angry because they have tiny dicks; and jews going, “muh dik, muh dik!” It succeeds in fulfilling its purpose in getting out our meme/message though. 🙂

    Some people, perhaps a lot of people here might disagree, but the lines from the first animation were actually funnier in my opinion.

    The concept itself however, with Hitler making his entrance in the Bell, and saying he’s turned a new leaf only to use it as a whip against jews is good. It’s dynamite in terms of concept… 😀

  5. 0Rabbit
    0Rabbit says:

    If Horus wants I will show this to the same anti-racist friend as before to see how it compares (according to his reaction) to ‘How Whites Took Over America’. I don’t think it is going to get as much of a response so I’ll only do so on request, HwTOA wasn’t able to coax my friend into listening to any of the FTWR.. but he did react to the video as he loves Native Americans (yes he thinks of their culture as preferable over Caucasian culture) more than cheese.

    I don’t think H is trying to be funny, but rather producing an effective pce of propaganda, I’m pretty sure this video isn’t going to change much. The Hitler artwork is very convincing and is worth a compliment or two.

  6. HouseOfWarrior
    HouseOfWarrior says:

    Oh yeah! This is great!!! I’ve been counting down the days for the past week waiting for this. I hope David Duke and Amren (among others) posts links to this on all their sites.

  7. 0Rabbit
    0Rabbit says:


    Discuss diaprax and dialectic more?

    Yes, DIAPRAX not diaper rash.

    Can’t you talk more about Judianity’s relationship vs Washington DC vs Texas cabal vs Wall st vs Chicago vs London vs West Coast. If each had its own way, what would be the state of Judianity for each?

  8. 0Rabbit
    0Rabbit says:

    What is the point of getting the message of ‘White Genocide’ out into the new mainstream? What is that supposed to accomplish? First off, the medium you want to make it go ‘mainstream’ in is made of cats, ie random anonymous people with little power/wealth. It is not like a unified mass media conglomerate with warships worth in wealth at its disposal.

    It will achieve some nods and shrugs maybe… but action? Or is to to bait someone into arguing for it – white genocide? So a few ppl will stand up in support of white genocide… so what?

    Do consistent messages wear out or are they passed down from generation to generation even without media propagation?

  9. Elliot English
    Elliot English says:

    Excellent video, great idea carried out beautifully. I hope it gets millions of views.

  10. europa arise
    europa arise says:

    Very nice. I sent it out to some Paleo Cons like Pat Buchanan and what not. Not sure if any of them will watch it much less repost it.

  11. JD Gent
    JD Gent says:

    Great & professional piece of propaganda. When u expose the enemy’s ideology as being nothing but being biult on shifting sand u leave their feet being planted “firmly” in mid air. The only options the anti-whites have is to concede r tghten down more on their closed system. Either way THEY r n a lose, lose situation.

  12. Feldhasen
    Feldhasen says:

    Thesis: Anti-racist Hitler

    Antithesis: youtube.com/watch?v=ScL6QNVDnTY (ARHitler cock-blocked by an equal reaction)

    Synthesis: Increased tolerance and understanding, making room for more guilt-tripping and diversity.

    Anti-racist is a codeword for the new dialectic of technocratic Marxist/Capitalist slavery.

    In other words I will be here watching you all do the mantra, I hope it all goes well for you. Good luck ‘white’ ppl..

    Like I’ve said the Mantra doesn’t address demographics, our billionaires are either traitors or have been outnumbered, that is all it comes down to unless you are talking about the smoking barrels of guns. No one else matters.

  13. Siegfried Schlegel
    Siegfried Schlegel says:

    This one, like the other ones, is simply genius. Not only is it technically engrossing and cleanly executed, but the way it played out is so biting yet safe (for the PC mindslaves); its almost mind-boggling! Well done, all of you. Oh, and do contact me if you ever need any more voice-actors!

  14. Feldhasen
    Feldhasen says:

    Mike Jefferson says:
    April 22, 2013 at 2:07 pm

    8:32 in the video. That’s Feldhasen pooping his pants over this 😀

    “Oh God!!”

    lollll… im the only joo left? Oh God!

  15. jimmy
    jimmy says:

    hey misegination is murder…i seem to remember that line “muh dik muh dik” from a certain northwest authors books, lmao

  16. jimmy
    jimmy says:

    two things about the video on my thrid viewing…..when the last jew was running to hitlers office through the down town….all looked crisp clean and perfect in the city…

    i am surprised that the city was not looking run down, with grafitti.

    also at the very end, why not the short mantra.

    africa is for the africans
    asia for the asians
    white countries are for everybody

    and then the full mantra in text ?

  17. Feldhasen
    Feldhasen says:

    “two things about the video on my thrid viewing…..when the last jew was running to hitlers office through the down town….all looked crisp clean and perfect in the city…
    i am surprised that the city was not looking run down, with grafitti.
    also at the very end, why not the short mantra.
    africa is for the africans
    asia for the asians
    white countries are for everybody
    and then the full mantra in text ?”

    Horus probably doesn’t want to spend another year of his life redoing the video. I know I wouldn’t.

    I still don’t understand what the hell FTWR/BUGs is trying for. Its certainly not to get rid of the multicult, which would probably require violent revolution of some sort. So what if the environment is Anti-white? I suppose we can all learn to live with that as its been this way my entire life. Just teach your children how to live in a hostile anti-white environment, after all whites aren’t naturally racist/clan like according to what I’ve heard here so the solution should probably be on an individual basis, no matter how ineffective it may be. Just learn to live with the fact that this is no longer a white country where whites are to reign as ‘superior’, mixed Obama’s are to be the new man of the future, Homo obamasapiens.

  18. PotionMaster
    PotionMaster says:

    Very well done. The inclusion of those hand gestures into a video where Israel gets destroyed was intriguing. Knowing your style I don’t think that was accidental. I speculate that you believe that it is part of the masonic plan for Israel to take heavy damage, by violence or other means, and that was your way of indicating that. After all, in the past you have said that you thought that secret societies were getting ready to throw a big war in the middle east. The caricatures of yourself and Adelheim and the end were also a nice touch.

  19. Unicorns are anti-white
    Unicorns are anti-white says:

    Why isn’t anyone here upset over the scum in the media making $ off the misery of others? And they are still around too w/ all their $ after screwing white America.

  20. Miscegenation Is Murder
    Miscegenation Is Murder says:

    Hopefully this video will give the pink rabbits the idea to make Israel brown instead of getting them nuked. Best case scenario. 😀

    PS- William Ayers and his wife were actually working on that I think…

  21. europa arise
    europa arise says:

    French version has almost 29k views.

    And 2 Russian??? versions, not to many views.

    Anti White version

    Shortened version- 6 mins long, looks horrible

    Croatian version

    and theres a few others without many views

  22. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    I think you made a good decision by turning off the comments at ARH. It’s too important to take any chances. It may also channel discussions away from YouTube to other places.

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