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  1. Winston
    Winston says:

    Wow. Very impressive, and worth the wait. I like the artwork almost as much as the message. Keep them coming.

  2. John Swartz
    John Swartz says:

    Dang Horus! The animation quality is getting better and better. By the time the system falls you’ll be able to start your own animation company.

  3. PotionMaster
    PotionMaster says:

    Yep, got the masonic references too. Newspapers like to do that too, Daily Mail is notorious for putting ’33’ in all their articles, they aren’t even subtle about it.

  4. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:


    You are a professional pisser. Put up a script for us to read. Or put a link up to your favorite cartoon. I want to see the stuff you like. FYI…..Porn does not count as animation.

  5. Horus' Insane Asylum
    Horus' Insane Asylum says:

    Horus, you can’t rely on your fans for unbiased feedback. So far your best material from greatest to least: Indians 1, Indians 2, Hitler… and now this. Each new video has been a step down. The only thing this video actually said in a creative way was white = racist. The date shouldn’t be set in the future of 2030something but in today’s setting or perhaps 20 years ago.

  6. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:

    Thanks for the critique. Every rabbit has their favs. As we produce more and more animations. Different audiences will gravitate toward different ones. I can imagine the Rabbits pulling in the biggest audience to say what we have to say.

    And yes, I can actually can rely on BUGSers for unbiased feedback. This is a series. And one of the challenges with this type of thing is that you are only on FTWR-1 and I am few podcasts out on you. So don’t assume you know where I am going with this. Unfortunately, this would be a good series for longer animations. But longer animations don’t do as well as the shorter ones on Youtube. The first Indian epic you like does have quite a number of views. BUT only a fraction watch the whole thing because of it’s length.

    OH and thanks for saying you are not a fan! lol

  7. Horus' Insane Asylum
    Horus' Insane Asylum says:

    Those 3 videos were good. The illustrations were the best quality on Indians 1 and Hitler, The script for Indians 2 was slightly better than that of Hitler. Hitler was just amusing but there’s too much ambiguity and historical confusion surrounding Hitler unlike the Indians narrative.

    Maybe attempt to stick to one theme. The art work of the characters in J racist does not really match that of the background, they are too different. But whatever. At least it gets your message across. I don’t think it is going to impress the random person that stumbles on it. It doesn’t really start out with any interesting hooks to reel in the ave person that stumbled on it.

    Dont throw a fit if I point out Putin’s fascination with producing interracial porn.

  8. Horus' Insane Asylum
    Horus' Insane Asylum says:

    It gets pretty bloody towards the end. Just add a few videos like this to your channel. lol

  9. tamicool
    tamicool says:

    You guys should stream it through to your television if you can. It looks and sounds pretty awesome. I paused it when John Hutchinson got his introduction letter and was able to read it. Pretty funny, GSU was founded in 1978 by Dr Adolf Stalin. Nice one Horus.

  10. MissDRae
    MissDRae says:

    Hey Horus,

    Are you going to have a character in a future episode of Johnny Racist named Tim Smart? He could come to the campus and give a lecture.

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