Young Asian Fella Defends Whites Against Genocide


In this video, an Asian boy (not sure what he is, maybe Thai or Cambodian, possibly Filipino) does some activism against White genocide in a mall.

This is either further proof that Asians are reasonable people, or proof that they actually do have a sense of humor (it is generally supposed that they do not).

As the reader is aware, I personally believe Asians to be generally okay folks, and in places like Singapore and Hong Kong, they have generally been able to exist in symbiosis with Whites without mixing the races (as Asians are more against race-mixing than Whites are, generally).  That isn’t to say I support Asian immigration, but it is to say that in any future situation, we will presumably have a good relationship with Asians.

We have a lot of Asian readers, who tend to agree with our beliefs 100%.  They are the one group of people which does not seek to parasite off of us, and actually brings something to the table as far as innovation and energy.

H. Avenger comments: "We share Andrew Anglin's view on Asians.  Since the beginning of White Rabbit Radio we have had exchanges with Asians that are deeply concerned with whats going on in Western Civilization.  So this type of activism by a young Asian on behalf of Whites does not surprise us at all.   The Asians we have had exchanges with believe that the fight against #WhiteGenocide is critical toward keeping these policies out of Asia.  In short they believe that if #WhiteGenocide were ever successful in the West.  They would be the next target."

h/t Daily Stormer