#WHITEGENOCIDE Graffiti slams Southern Anti-Whites


WIAT is a local television news station out of the Birmingham, Alabama.  They got hit with a meme they could not handle. So of course, they called their nearest Anti-White Chieftain to comment accordingly.


Racist graffiti is displayed prominently off of I-59 near the 31st street exit in Birmingham. “#WhiteGenocide” is painted in black block letters along a wooden fence that can be seen clearly from the interstate.This graffiti sends a racist message that community members like Bernie Fields want covered.

“I would like to think that we’ve outgrown this and that people can respect people of all races. It just seems like some people still want to hold on to it. I really would like to believe that they are in the minority,” said Fields.

According to Mark Potok with the Southern Poverty Law Center, “white genocide” is a catchphrase used by a white supremacists group that exist online called the White Genocide Project. The group believes that anyone who actively opposes racism in secretly against white people. Potok also say that the group believes women are having fewer white babies which translates to genocide of white people.

“It’s an absurd claim. But nevertheless this is what they say. They think white people are being destroyed in their own home. This whole idea has really caught on the extreme right,” said Potok.

You might have noticed that WIAT immediately calls it a "racist" message.  Anti-Whites automatically label all things White as RACIST.  This is why we always say:"Anti-Racism is just a Code Word for Anti-White".  The news piece itself is biased to the point of laughter.  Calling Mr Potok to comment on a Pro-White Meme is like Israel contacting AntiRacist Hitler to comment on Palestine.  While the Anti-White whining in the article is laughable.  The activism is NOT.  We advocate getting out the #WhiteGenocide Mantra by any lawful means.  And as the Western World has been finding out.  White Rabbits are listening, learning and ACTING.