#WhiteGenocide Stickers & Flyers distributed in the UK


Recently White Genocide flyers and stickers were found throughout Birmingham, UK.

How is it not White Genocide when we have posters like this one below promoting GREAT BRITAIN athletes but they’re all AFRICAN?!

Flooding ALL white countries with MILLIONS of non-whites and FORCE assimilating the populations IS White Genocide.

“Diversity” means there are to many white people. Once something is “diverse” it just means that it was FORMERLY white.

To purchase these stickers and flyers for distribution around your local area CLICK HERE.




































H/T Fight White GeNOcide


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  1. Amber Samuels
    Amber Samuels says:

    In our 90 something% White town at the Memorial day parade I found out the Women’s club in our town is all African # White genocide. SalemcountyWhiterabbit

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