White Man March against White Genocide UK



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    Pornography is also a codeword for antiwhite as it results in a decline in birth rate. Shouldn’t pornographers be included in a genocide tribunal?

  2. John Swartz
    John Swartz says:

    Horus, I have 2 pics that I took for the White Man March but i don’t know where to send them. I messaged kyle and posted on alternative social but haven’t had any responses. Based on a comment of yours over at bugs it seems like you are getting them on twitter? Well, I don’t know how to work Twitter lol. Do you know the best way for me to get my pictures to someone that will be working on whatever media project they have in store?

  3. John Swartz
    John Swartz says:


    I did try your email before I commented but the link didn’t work. When I position the mouse over it the mouse changes from an arrow to a finger as if there is a clickable button, but, when I do click it nothing happens. I would assume its something with my computer that is to blame except that all other links on the contact page work fine.

  4. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:


    you just right click a link like that and get the email address and send it….dont know what kind of computer you have .. or what you were actually trying to do ….it is just an email address NOT anything else

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