White Genocide Open your Eyes


For years now in Britain, nationalist parties have tended to focus on immigration as the key emphasis of policy in the belief that by stopping immigration our country will be saved – immigration is not the issue.


Immigration is merely a symptom of a much wider and darker problem, a problem that today we call ‘White Genocide’, the death of the white race. White Genocide is a cultural marxist tool, designed to depopulate white countries of whites and replace them with non-whites through mass immigration, education and deceptive policy.

White Genocide is practically unknown in Britain, people have very little concept of what it is and how it’s effecting our people and this gives the Jews who orchestrate it the upper hand. As a nationalist movement our key aim should be to firstly educate ourselves on what White Genocide actually is, how it effects us and what will happen if we do nothing. Secondly, we’ll look to raise awareness of White Genocide throughout Great Britain, using the media and party politics as our tool.

None of the established parties even think to mention White Genocide in fear of being branded racists. The only party to lightly touch on the subject has been the British National Party and yet even under Nick Griffin’s premiership, the topic lay untouched.

The first step in White Genocide is by moving millions of non-white immigrants into traditionally white countries over a period of years. This started in Britain with the introduction of the Negro worker after world war two, millions of blacks were shipped to Britain by the ruling Labour party to replace white workers and rebuild our country. We already had enough workers to rebuild Britain after the war, it is a myth to state that we needed to bring blacks into Britain and no logic can be loaned to this move by the Labour Party.

in 1997, with the Labour party back in power under Tony Blair we saw the borders open once again and floods of non-white immigrants enter our country. This is where step two of white genocide came into play as the New Labour government promoted political correctness and told us all to accept diversity as a modern British belief – diversity is death!

Ensuring that White British people who spoke out against non-white immigration were prosecuted and imprisoned, the Labour Party created Left-Wing groups such as Hope not Hate and Unite against fascism to further enforce strict white genocide upon the people.

By forcing White people to accept diversity and non-white immigration, we call this assimilation which constitutes genocide. Now the cycle in Britain is almost complete, by the end of this century we can guarantee that we as White people will be a minority in our own country. Once we become the minority, the Marxists will be freely able to take power and create their sick Judeo New world order. The whites that remain will be enslaved, sent to concentration camps or simply killed in their own homes.

We can no longer waste time creating policy to target Islam, immigration or lesser issues that can be classified as symptoms of cultural Marxism. We have to focus on White Genocide and establish a resistance policy against it as the flagship policy of our future party and movement.

Running after immigration, Islam and all these other issues that civic nationalist groups tend to target is like cutting off the branch of a tree when really you want to be going for the roots in order to destroy that tree. It’s not the fault of Muslims that they live in Britain, they are here because they are non-white and will help to enact white genocide and eventually replace our folk.

We’ve all seen that famous ‘Immigration – open your eyes’ poster created by the British National Party some years ago, well as of today I’m calling that redundant and replacing it with a new poster. Everybody who cares about our race and the future of these isles should spread the new poster far and wide over social media and in reality. Print it out and stick it in windows – spread the message to help our cause and stop white genocide. The new poster is at the top of this post.

This poster is now redundant and ineffective

You can choose to brand White Genocide as crazy and dismiss our warning but it’ll be you and your family who suffer as of a result of this. Time is not on our side, we have to warn our folk and take action to oppose white genocide before the cycle is complete. If you love your race, your nation and want a safe future for your children then get involved.

Joshua Bonehill

h/t Josh Bonehill's personal website

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  1. Jimmy Marr
    Jimmy Marr says:

    I’m dreaming of a white ISIS
You know the ones who chop off heads
When their neck stubs glisten
    maybe liberals will listen
and every pavement ape will know


I’m dreaming of a white ISIS

    with every comment that I write
May our days be merry and bright
and may all our citizens be white 

  2. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:

    Mimmy Jarr,

    There ain’t no way you would join an all White ISIS. lmao. You hate religion much less the thought of becoming a muslim.
    Jimmy Abdullah Muhammed Khomenii Marr…….has an interesting ring to it.
    Give us some more Christmas carols. Do some funny ones minus the Isis and head chopping. So far Isis has not been laughable in the head chopping.

  3. Jimmy Marr
    Jimmy Marr says:

    Yeah. My carol was out of context here. I wrote it after learning that rioting Africans had used a hammer to bash out the brains out of a White man in St. Louis.

    The man was a native of Bosnia. St. Louis is home to the largest White Muslim community in the United States. It got me to thinking about how White Muslims might react to the jew sponsored epidemic of Black on White murder going on in America.

    No need to worry, though. From what I can see, these White Muhammedans are as pusillanimous as the crissies.

  4. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:


    You forgot for a split second that the White Muslims are the ones that push this “religion of peace” bullshite. THE ONLY ones pushing it.

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