“War on Whites” Congressman says Obama’s immigration policy is race-based



Alabama congressman, Mo Brooks, was responsible for the “War on Whites” meme which stormed the web in 2014.

Recently, he went on the Matt Murphy radio show and said that Obama “wants to change the way America looks.

About Obama’s immigration policy, he said “a lot of it has to do with skin pigmentation” and “religious values.

[President Obama] is hell-bent on doing this kind of damage to his country because he doesn’t think the Judeo-Christian people who made America the greatest nation in world history are deserving of the role that they have played in making America great.

Immigration is far and away the most important problem facing America because it changes the voter pool, thereby controlling the outcome of every single public policy challenge America faces,” he said.

Brooks’ argument would explain why Middle Easterners have, in the space of a few years, become the fastest growing immigrant group in America.

The simple reason for all this mass immigration (but only from non-White countries) is because various politicians and other influential people have decided that White countries are bad and must be turned into mixed countries.

This “mixing the races” that anti-Whites love to scream about is not true, because ONLY White countries will be destroyed by their agenda.

It’s White genocide and nothing more.

H/T White Genocide Project

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  1. FW190
    FW190 says:

    We better start saying it lots louder and lots more often. Whitey needs to warn people more what treachery can provoke. FedGov’s preference for brown is a war in itself.

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