Village Voice writer supports the White Man March?

"This coming Saturday, March 15, in a bunch of cities worldwide, disgruntled white supremacists will take to the streets, bearing banners that read "DIVERSITY" = WHITE GENOCIDE in very big red letters. The White Man March aims to be a large display of "coordinated pro-white activity," timed to coincide with St. Patrick's Day and meant to express these white folks' displeasure with how "white countries" are being over-run with, you know, non-whites and Jews and such.

There's only one hitch. The organizer of the White Man March is Kyle Hunt, a 30-year-old guy who hails from a very small town in Massachusetts, near Cape Cod. Hunt understands that in the United States, white nationalists don't really have the numbers to pull off an impressive-looking march. Past white supremacist protests have ended up, in his words, "looking like a circus." He's also fearful that the police or "anti-fascist" protesters might show up to try to disrupt the WMM festivities. So in New York and other big U.S. cities, the White Man Marchers are planning a very quiet flash mob, which they hope none of us will hear about ahead of time."

Anna Merlan is a writer for Village Voice.  As you can probably guess she does not support the White Man March.  Ms. Merlan is Jewish.  And Jewish writers are notoriously Anti-White.  Most Anti-White Jewish writers just repeat the canned goods from the Southern Poverty Law Center.  In this regard, Merlan does not disappoint.    However,  she did get a few facts straight about the White Man the date .....March 15.

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    reilly mcnarny says:

    I liked how she actually included a link to a really good FTWR episode that I had missed. I wonder how many other readers got exposed to it the same way…

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