UK Government cuts immigration courts budget – Half a million illegal immigrants cannot be deported



Over half a million illegal immigrants who have had their asylum claims rejected cannot be deported due to recent budget cuts. The cuts mean immigration courts cannot afford to process asylum appeals lodged by illegal immigrants.

In addition to the budget cuts, pro-immigration lobbies are working with illegal immigrants to drag out their Asylum claims in court, which is clogging up the courts and costing more money.

Many of the 500,000 failed asylum seekers may end up in Britain forever. Some with weak arguments are taking advantage of the clogged up courts to quickly push their case through, while others have children with UK citizens, entitling them to stay in the country forever.

The senior whistleblower who contacted the said:

There appears to be a farcical internal dispute going on between the Home Office who refuse the applications to stay in the UK, and the Ministry of Justice who are refusing to fund the court costs of the subsequent appeals.

Both departments are more interested in protecting their budgets than administering justice.

Immigration judges sit idle whilst the backlog of appeals in the system grows and appeals today are being listed for July 2016. The Government’s response has bizarrely been to close Immigration Appeal courts.

While failed applicants remain in the UK they continue to accumulate Human Rights to remain. By the time they come to court their ‘right to a family life’ has been established and their appeal is granted.

The Government are ‘saving’ money by closing courts and spending far more than the amount saved on supporting failed asylum seekers and their families.

The UK government need to get their priorities in order! In Denmark, a government study found that “non-Western” immigration was a severe drain on the economy – this is especially the case for the illegal immigrants in Britain, as they cannot legally work, and therefore cannot pay taxes.

I don’t buy into this belief that it was simply an embarrassing mistake. When governments want to do something against their people’s will, they don’t make new laws – they simply just don’t enforce the current laws.

Take for example the illegal immigration tsunami in Europe. Hungary can stop them just fine, but all the other EU countries combined cannot? With all their high-tech gadgets, highly trained professionals, etc?

Getting as many immigrants as possible into Europe, all across Europe is an agenda that certain influential groups are pushing.

For the sake of simplicity, we just call them anti-White – because they are just pushing for White genocide.

H/T White Genocide Project