Tim Wise may sue satirical site over claims he is Pro-White

For those familiar with Tim Wise he is a "educator" and fighter for the cause of "Anti-Racism". Recently the 45 year old Writer has proclaimed on his website that he plans to sue the creator of a satirical website called Diversity Chronicle, a WordPress site with a sizable following. The site features such satirical pieces as "Pope Francis Condemns Racism and declares that "All Religions are true" at historic third Vatican Council"  and the aforementioned article that has Tim Wise threatening legal action "Prominent anti-racist activist Tim Wise embraces racism and sexism, stunning Progressives"Apparently Tim Wise does not appreciate the Websites Humor and has officially stated this on his website as of December 23 the following

"Time after time, attempts to intimidate me have failed miserably, and so now, the white nationalists and supremacists who see it as their job to attack any of us who combat their ignorance and hatred, have switched gears. Now, they have decided to switch to disinformation tactics, intended to discredit antiracists in the eyes of a public they hope will be gullible enough to believe whatever it is they say about us. To wit, today, a website operated by white nationalists (but which fronts as a site focused on Diversity, and which gives no clear indication of its political slant on the homepage), published an article claiming that I had announced that I had “changed my mind” about racism, and was now embracing their white supremacist worldview, anti-immigrant nativism, and other aspects of their toxic and bigoted agenda. Written up as a news story, the blog post said I had made this announcement at a speech, in which my newfound embrace of white racism was met with the “hisses and boos” of my “former supporters,” and that police were needed to protect me from the mob afterward. Though a nice job of creative writing, and although it would have even been amusing had it been labeled as parody, the fact is, the neo-Nazis in question were seeking to pass it off as entirely real."

Really Mr Wise? Is it REALLY an attempt to pass this off as real? Let's look at a few facts. The Website clearly displays a disclaimer that the site is mostly satire and that it was actually written for the amusement of the author. One has to wonder what is the purpose for Mr Wise to even bother with such a site, a site that features titles so obviously Onion-esque in it's style that one couldn't possibly take it for anything but pure humor. Perhaps Tim Wise's frustrations go deeper than just this article alone. Recently Tim Wise has been embroiled in a facebook controversy after making some rather questionable statements about "Internet Trolls" His angered ranting even leaving a few of his former followers questioning if he suffered the same White Privilege he had accused so many others of. A person left anonymous posted the following on his facebook after the incident "If you haven't been hacked, then I am going to assume you're drunk. These last few posts have been awful and drenched in the privilege you claim to have an issue with".  Even black blogger/Writers of the site Orchestrated Pulse.com has questioned whether Tim Wise REALLY serves Blacks peoples best interests by speaking for THEM as a WHITE man. The idea that Tim Wise has made a comfortable living off of calling Whites Racist and it's not even directly financially aiding any Black people does not escape this Authors sense of Irony either. So once again I ask, what is REALLY bothering Mr Wise? Trolls? Or perhaps the article written by Diversity Chronicle is simply adding salt to a very fresh wound in Mr Wise's Ego. One could conclude that a number of Non-White people themselves are starting to see that Mr Wise is actually the key benefactor of the so called "White Privilege" he claims to fight against and its hypocrisy is Quite nauseating. The humor of the Diversity Chronicle article is that even though Tim Wise most certainly is not switching sides on his "fight against Racism" more and more are questioning exactly WHO'S side this controversial figure is actually on, many concluding he is simply getting rich off what a Black activist himself could be doing. Perhaps Tim Wise should check his White Privilege sometime in the near future. None the less Tim Wise has threatened legal action and the creator of Diversity Chronicles Website, Erik Thorson has responded back to Mr Wise with the following article on his website

"Dear Readers,
You may have heard that an emotionally-unstable and well known privileged-white-male with an over-inflated ego named Tim Wise, very recently, threatened this site with a lawsuit. He stated in an e-mail and I quote. “I will bankrupt your sorry asses…” I believe the suit is completely frivolous. Nonetheless, litigation can sometimes be costly and time consuming.
While I strongly suspect that Mr. Wise has competent attorneys who will advise him against such a suit, he might be foolish enough to proceed along his threatened course. We live in a very litigious world and frivolous lawsuits are not uncommon. I am, however, prepared to take a principled stand to fight to defend our constitutional right to freedom of speech against its enemies. In many Western countries, the right to freedom of speech, thought, and inquiry, has been steadily under attack and has significantly eroded over the years. This site receives significant traffic from many of those countries.
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Erik Thorson"

Weather or not Tim Wise will choose to take legal actions is not yet known but what is almost certain is that doing so would bring much MUCH more web traffic to Mr Thorson's quirky Parody website.

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  1. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    Neanderthal Tim Wise is such a drama queen. Look how he frames himself as being so “brave” in the face of “intimidation” from so called “neo-Nazis.” This a person who has become well off for preaching anti-Whiteness on college campuses. Some of these same campuses can’t even host a pro-White speaker because the anti-Whites threaten to, or outright use violence to stop them. He worked for the “Race Relations Institute of Fisk University” which is funded by W. K. Kellogg Foundation. He gets national media time as well to preach his genocidal message.

    It’s comical to think that Neanderthal Tim Wise actually believes he’s some kind of “revolutionary” against the power structure. He’s paid by the power structure but tries to pass himself off as being against it. He’s a person of privilege who works for people of privilege. He’s a drama queen with a vile soul living within an illusion.

    The Rabbit alluded to this on his December 23rd and 25th shows, that Neanderthal Tim Wise does not seem very relaxed or confident regarding the state of the world or the future.I’m quite certain he’s connected to people with inside knowledge.He’s dedicated his life to the cause of anti-Whiteness. So at this stage in the game, all he can do act out like a petulant child and pray to his god Satan for some kind of dark miracle.

    He knows the anti-White system is going down and there’s nothing he can do about it. I remember playing sports growing up and there being players on the loosing team who would start playing dirty when they knew they were about to lose. So if he looks imbalanced at this point, it’s important to remember that he’s a Talmud-raised neanderthal who knows his life’s work was all for nothing.


  2. .
    . says:

    Horus, do you think whatever group it is you don’t like are the ones that have intentionally used a combination of bisphenol in the food supply combined with media’s sexual demoralization as a form of mandatory soft birth control for all?

  3. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    That’s’s an old article I linked to and I can’t find the video on youtube. So I wouldn’t run that one. If you want to use any of my articles let me know which one and I’ll touch it up.

    By the way, I was looking at the Onion website and there’s no obvious signs that it’s a parody site. So I’m not sure such a disclaimer is necessary?

  4. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:

    The onion’s been around a long time ….so they are well known. But they did have a disclaimer at one time and I am sure there is one on their site somewhere. Once you become well known and famous for satire…..well you don’t have to say it anymore so much. Also, the Onion is liberal. Liberals do not get sued for what they say ….ever

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