This Week in #WhiteGenocide 23

This Week in #WhiteGenocide 23

Its okay to be a Black Jew

1:24 D’Marcus libowitz red pilling tale

12:00 Johnny joins “me Too” campaign with tale of gang rape

14:00 New York Post claims terrorism is price of dieversity

23:40 Rand Paul attacked

32:40 White babies be racist and sheeit

37:10 Dieversity lotto

42:50 Anti-Whites cried wolf too much on White Supremacy

52:49 MLK documents reveal he was a total degenerate

1.00:30 Papa Johns cucks

1.03:30 last words

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  1. WRRTG
    WRRTG says:

    Even the black commentators Alex and other hosts have on are finally daring to say the words white genocide… they started it and now it’s “okay” for him to say every once in a while maybe. it’s about dang time.

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