This Week in #WhiteGenocide 18

This Week in #WhiteGenocide 18

When your taking over the world someone is going to notice

06:47 Long live Ole Bob

18:42 Young Men that Don't care if you call them a Nazi

30:00 Allow free speech and we win

35:00 Cantwell

42:00 White Genocide speeches at charlottesville

50:00 The younger generation laughs when you say the world "Hitler"

54:20 What will the elites do with ANTIFA

1:05:00 Cantwell is in jail for being Pro White

11:17:11 Gen Z is Meme sensitive

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  1. Adalwolf
    Adalwolf says:

    Good discussion there gents! The choppy audio mostly clears up towards the middle of the show.

    Pushing the anti-white meme is one of the most important missions because it helps define the enemy.

    Is the left our enemy? That would imply that the right is our ally, and I don’t consider Paul Ryan and John McCain my allies. Plus, there are many whites on the left that can be converted to a pro-white position.

    Are Antifa the real fascists? It’s laughable, because they are communist bolsheviks. However, it’s even easier to define them as anti-white terrorists because that doesn’t rely on the audience’s accurate understanding of history. Everybody knows what anti-white terrorists are.

    Are non-whites our enemy? Even then, there are many non-whites that can be pro-white if they advocate for a white ethnostate. That doesn’t mean they’ll be allowed to live in a white nation, but if they’re advocating on our behalf then they are not our enemies.

    Are anti-whites our enemy? Yes, and therefore that would make us pro-whites. I’m glad I found Bob’s memes when I did, it makes it so much easier to discuss these topics with people. Cheers guys, I appreciate your struggle to awaken the sleeping white titan.

  2. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    I’ve tried to be mindful, when creating memes or illustrations. For instance juxtaposing White Genocide memes with a graphic image is to exploit the dissonance in Anti-White contradictions.

    Or like so… The message can define what we are seeing.

    Is this Anti-White Terrorist an Anti-Racist fighting Racism or is he just Anti-White.

    There is little room left for the typical Anti-White delusional interpretations that stand in sharp contrast to the reality on the ground.

  3. Billy Bob
    Billy Bob says:

    I know the guy who shot at the jungle rabbit with the mock flame thrower. He is the current Imperial Wizard of the Confederate White Knights of the Ku Klux Klan. You can see him on youtube talking to the media just search Richard Preston kkk.

  4. DRC
    DRC says:

    Cantwell is a fed. He was placed in the alt right as a spy. That is why he did that stupid gun thing that was discussed in the podcast. There is a really good video about him being an infiltrator on YouTube. I don’t have the link, however you should look it up and watch it.

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