This Week In #WhiteGenocide – 13

"The man in the High Mantra"

Horus the Avenger @EuroRabbit
Fash Gordon @FashGordonLevit
Johnny Monoxide host of the Paranormies
Mike Enoch of

02:46 Panel Intro Mike Enoch talks Bob Whitaker
08:07 British Parliament debates white genocide
11:43 White people hate hypocrisy
16:31 Bob said biggest enemy was on the right and he was right
21:36 Cuck Keepers white genocide deniers
22:51 king PatrioTard Alex Jones broadcasts white genocide meme
25:06 Truck Roy on institutional anti-whiteness
28:13 Mike Enoch on Rally chants
34:58 Anti White conspiracy theory
42:21 attempting to divide white men and white women
49:00 Harlem Globetrotters debate team
54:14 Johnny Monoxide on "Assbackwords circular reasoning of anti whites "
57:52 The Mantra - Ode to the great White Rabbit Bob Whitaker

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  1. Adalwolf
    Adalwolf says:

    Guest panelists were great. I thought Mike Enoch fit well in the panel because he seems to be coming into an understanding of why the mantra and the talking points are effective as I noticed in his New York Forum speech on 17/05/20. Then you have old vets of the meme war like Truck Roy and Horus to explain some of the finer points of Bob’s memes and the result was a very informative episode.

  2. Frontierland
    Frontierland says:

    Great to see the link up with TRS. I’ve enjoyed their programs since you mentioned them a few years ago, H.

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