Stephen Hawking Discusses White Genocide


Is this real?? You decide.

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  1. braunau-on-the-inn
    braunau-on-the-inn says:

    That was classic. I’d bet that it isn’t real, but that would be a man to have on our side. LoL

  2. Miscegenation Is Murder
    Miscegenation Is Murder says:

    LOL…I’m sure that somebody edited this, but it makes our point. I seriously can’t imagine Hawking saying it in quite that way. It is way too BUGSish to be repeated by someone so mainstream.

    If it was real though, it would be hilarious to see the anti-Whites start calling him a drooling retard for not supporting White GeNOcide. The proclaimed genius of our time would suddenly be the dummy of our time for disagreeing with White GeNOcide. 🙂

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