White Genocide Sign of the Times #8….Happy Australia Day!!














Spotted by White Rabbits driving along the motorway in  Brisbane Australia!

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  1. Eleanor's folly
    Eleanor's folly says:

    Obviously the Mantra is a “codeword” for something other than the literal meaning of its words.

  2. Eleanor's folly
    Eleanor's folly says:

    I don’t know, I was hoping that you could tell me? Perhaps codewords for accepting multicultural Singapore city states in white nations? We already went through the multicult city stage, now non-whites are all over the place including the cities. So we already have got what you seem to want – multicult Singapores in white nations. We have already got that PLUS endless brown-out in the suburbs as well.

  3. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:


    You are always taking things out of context and you know it. Why do you continue to do that? There are no Singapores or Dubais in the West.

  4. Eleanor's folly
    Eleanor's folly says:

    You are wrong. Just check the demographics of most major cities:
    Atlanta is 61.6% ‘diverse’. Other similar cities include New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc, etc.

  5. H.Avenger
    H.Avenger says:

    No Feldy,
    You are being a dipshite. If you weren’t such a nub, you would know that Singapore was not a reference to the mixed population. But the Governing Structure that has actually made it work as such. America could never be a Singapore. You might be able to have a zone ….lets say Miami and Dade County that is governed as such. IF our enemy was smart at all, they would have done this experiment and not bankrupted the whole country.

    Everyone else knows wtf I mean when saying Singapore. I don’t know what your malfunction happens to be.

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