Robert Walker Whitaker, March 31st, 1941 – June 3rd, 2017


It’s with great sadness that I report Coach passed away in his bed, Saturday afternoon June 3rd, 2017.

His passing is going to leave a hole in so many people’s life. But he has given the world the tools we need to expose this anti-White system and it’s program of white genocide. We will keep on using what he has taught us.

“He left a huge legacy of words and audio, an entire world view way more in line with reality than the official world view.

That legacy lives on. I know he had a lifetime of frustration with people refusing to use the talking points and political strategies he came up with, no matter how devastating they were to the leftist establishment, but he lived long enough to see his methods start to work. His stuff is EVERYWHERE.

I hope he took comfort in that.

He taught us what to do. It’s just a matter of doing it and teaching others. He’s the exception to his own rule that no hero ever made a difference in a war.

This prophecy WILL come true.

We all know what Bob would want us to do.”


H/T Whitakeronline

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  1. Walter Oleg
    Walter Oleg says:

    There’s no question that Bob’s work has spread far and wide. His talking points and language are now mainstream. Funny thing is that Bob predicted no one would remember or give credit to him or bugsters when this happened. Bob’s talking points really gave me hope that we could turn this thing around. Before BUGS, the best I thought we could hope for was total collapse and race war. I now believe wholeheartedly that we will win and that race war isn’t even necessary. .Just point out the truth over and over.

    RIP Bob and God bless. You will not be forgotten.

  2. Postuma Texas
    Postuma Texas says:

    Thank-you Walter. Even though I listen to Horus religiously I couldn’t imagine an endgame I want for my children.

    May Our Lord Bless and keep Bob Whitaker. RIP

  3. Inception
    Inception says:

    Bob gave us a weapon we can use. The Mantra does real damage to the white genocide system. Thanks, Bob. You died clean. RIP.

  4. Kell
    Kell says:

    Oh no – god speed Bob, there will be statues of you in the future, thank you for making a difference and fighting for your people, I honor you.

  5. Kell
    Kell says:

    Yes Horus and Bob gave me hope also when I thought all we could do was watch the destruction and do our best.

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