Penny Wise or Pound Foolish?

If a day of global pro-white activism becomes an unexpected internet sensation, and if enough journalists bother to scribble columns about how the event in question never really took place, then the event apparently didn’t take place. Last Month’s White Man March seems to have given birth to this strange new law of physics, and with it a brand-new genre of increasingly nervous anti-white commentary.
One special instance comes courtesy of Laurie Penny, a full-figured feminist who suggests in her latest New Statesman column that the only thing more “imaginary” than the White Man March is the program of White Genocide itself, which (according to Penny) “isn’t a real thing.” Nonetheless, Ms. Penny evidently thinks the resurgence of pro-white activism is real enough to dedicate her column to the question, “What drives the men who think feminists and foreigners want to wipe them out?”
For the rapidly increasing number of white and normal people currently on message about White Genocide, Ms. Penny’s question is not only absurd, it is based on a false premise. The truth is that the vast majority of normal whites simply don’t care whether feminists and foreigners “want to wipe them out,” because neither “feminists” nor “foreigners” have any power. It is the fabulously wealthy white, anti-white traitors ---who look like us but have no loyalty to us--- who are chiefly responsible for the genocidal policies imposed on all and only white countries. White Genocide is a White-collar Crime.

It is of course much more flattering for Laurie Penny to interpret the emerging political awakening of regular, everyday whites as an irrational fear of minorities and second-string feminists like her, rather than a long-overdue backlash against the well-heeled white hypocrites who engineer white genocide from the safety and comfort of their gated communities. After all, these are the same oligarchs who cut the paychecks for useful idiots like Ms. Penny---and if there’s one thing that matters to Ms. Penny, it’s a paycheck (skip to 1:50).
One crucial thing to understand about pay-check activists like Ms. Penny is that they’ll claim to be “feminist,” when they’re really just anti-white. So-called “feminists” will sacrifice anything (and anyone) to the radical anti-white proposition that white children today have no right to exist as a majority anywhere on earth. If a genie were somehow to offer Ms. Penny the chance to eliminate rape in Europe in exchange for her accepting just one country where whites would be allowed remain a majority, she would likely refuse. Indeed, to an anti-white “feminist, achieving a world without rape victims is far less important than achieving a world without white children.
As the sheer pathology of the radical anti-white position becomes increasingly transparent, so will increasing numbers of white and normal people begin to feel comfortable speaking out against White Genocide. The internet is filled to the brim with facts about this genocide, and the White Man March indicates it’s only a matter of time before it dramatically spills into the streets; pro-white parties are making headway all over Europe, even as several of their leaders adopt Mantra talking points. White Genocide is not only the moral issue of the century, it is politically speaking a massively undervalued stock—on which more and more whites are starting to take positions. The simple truth is Ms. Penny and her overlords are getting worried, and they have every reason to be.
Despite its many flaws, Ms. Penny’s piece is worth the read if only for the valuable lesson it has for the more sensitive pro-whites who are worried about being laughed at. You see, Penny confesses that despite all the mockery, the pro-white tidal wave in the distance in fact “really isn’t funny,” but “laughter is one of the few cultural defenses” the anti-whites have left now that White Genocide is up for debate.
The joke is on our enemies who mock us with nervous laughter.

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  1. Truck Roy
    Truck Roy says:

    Great article.

    What matters is where the power is, and as you point out, the minorities and feminists don’t have it.

    The suits on Wall Street and the suits Washington are the anti-Whites with the power to bring in non-White immigrants and to force assimilation.

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