Marrs goes White Genocide Mantra on KVAL!

KVAL 13 News Covers the White GeNOcide Mantra

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  1. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    The wolf man Potok says that the message isn’t sophisticated but that we (meaning pro-Whites who traffic in it) “think” it’s sophisticated.

    I guess it’s some kind of insult to say that we think it’s sophisticated when according to the wolf man, it’s not?

    The reporter said the wolf man spent a year studying it. For being unsophisticated, he sure spent a long time studying it?

  2. SkogTyr
    SkogTyr says:

    Stop calling that hook nose ‘the wolf man’ . Wolves are beautiful , he is incredibly ugly. He looks like one of those scruff face terriers if he’s going to be some kind of canine anyway.

  3. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    Werewolves are usually depicted as quite ugly.

    I use this term “wolf-man” from an early FTWR when the White Rabbit described the elitesters as “vampires” and the Jews as “werewolves.” He pointed out that the werewolves guard the vampire’s castle. I’ve always found this to be an excellent allegory to describe the dynamic between the Anglo-Elites and the Jews.

    In fact I have an idea for a movie that would be about an Aryan hero who fights werewolves and vampires to save the White women and children of a medieval town.I just need the funding.

    I agree though that wolves are beautiful animals.

  4. SkogTyr
    SkogTyr says:

    Yeah I get it but that disgusting $plc creature looks more like, and acts more like, a big blown up gnat , or maybe a lyme infested tick, or hell I even hesitate to compare it to one of the gnathostomes. Call hi whatever you want. I just want to diminish these parasites in any language I use for them. Werewolves are just too good for them imo, but I should not try to be word-police here. It does fit with the mythos some, though I’ve never seen such effeminate, passive-aggressive werewolves in the stories, but then leave it to the jay owe owes to come up with one. I like the movie idea.

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