White Genocide Mantra, Mantra….Mantra!

Throw a shrimp on the barbie and STOP White GeNOcide!

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  1. Skippy 01
    Skippy 01 says:

    That is a white rabbit on her desk. And this video is perfect.

    It was an emotional shock to hear the Mantra recited by someone of my own nation: a beautiful white woman who talks like me and could be my next door neighbor.

    The way she dresses and presents herself and the background is perfect too. That’s us, as we should be. That’s our culture.

    I see ancestors (I assume) in pictures on the wall, and sail and water (representing healthy recreation and also the importance of sea travel in white history and the history of Australia), flowers on the desk for beauty for its own sake, and a practical clock. I see a pleasant space for today, respect for tradition and technology, and the white rabbit because we need a future (not just a present and a past) and symbols and images are vital in fighting for control of the message, which is what we need to do if we are going to have a future. That shows purpose and intelligence in a good cause, the cause of white people.

    This is what must never pass away from the world.

    We could not ask for more to fight for. In that video I see all the reasons I will ever need to keep going.

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