Libertarians believe in Magic part 2

Many libertarians ideas on how to "Americanize" migrants are the equivalent of believing in magic. Recently I was talking with a friend of mine, whom we will simply refer to as "Jim." Jim is a libertarian who believes that races are different but only as a result of culture. To the average pro-white this idea is baffling and laughable but nothing new to hear. I asked Jim, "What about Los Angeles? It's arguably the most racially diverse cities on the planet and yet one of the most self segregated" Jim looked me dead in my eyes and without flinching this otherwise Intelligent and sensible adult man told me "It's because of our Culture, we don't properly Americanize them" Jim is not a foolish fellow, yet he believes that the sons and daughters of American patriots long gone, people who fought wars together, bled and died together to form this country could be so easily replaced with any given folk from China, Mexico or wherever else. He holds a completely warped belief that through speaking a common language or learning social Norms that you can not only replace the people who built America but that they would still feel the same bond of common ancestry and History. What Jim told me was essentially the equivalent of saying he believed in magic. In Jim's mind all one need to do is walk across a magical border somewhere north of Mexico, speak the magical language of English and embrace capitalism. Then POOF you have an American! This however brings us back to the subject of Los Angleles, a bastion of Multiracial free market America that is BROKE. Why have these magical concepts not proved a success for the City? Because there's no such thing as magic. It's not hard to see the exact same trend all over America, over the course of the last 50 some years America has become steadily more multiracial and steadily gone deeper into debt.

Imagine for a moment if you will, a world where countries other than majority white ones also believed in magic. Imagine a China that believed in the same fairy tale kind of magic that many libertarians do. Hundreds of thousands of Non-Chinese migrants coming to every area of China and all they would have to do to become Chinese is learn a magic language like mandarin, embrace a free market capitalist outlook and POOF they are now Chinese! Of course this would be ignoring the reality that China is still one of the most socially and racially segregated society's on earth . Upon doing research one can even find that during the 2008 summer Olympics in China certain pubs actually banned entry of Black and MONGOLIAN Patrons. MONGOLIANS. Clearly a grand number of Chinese do not share libertarians belief in magic. Consider that no rational nation on earth with a common shared heritage and history OUTSIDE of the white western world embraces these concepts. Even countries like the United Arab Emirates or Singapore, whom have a massive immigrant population do not have any illusions that these people will ALL form a common identity, common heritage, common language, common customs or faiths. Australian aboriginals at this point share a common English language and live under the same free market system, yet many CHOOSE not to "Integrate". Perhaps they do not share many libertarians belief in magic?

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Jefferson the White Rabbit

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  1. beefcake
    beefcake says:

    Good article!

    I’ll say it again, I love open system Freedom. Therefor I love that my Culture embraces Freedom. I ALSO understand that CULTURE is a PRODUCT of RACE.

    This is exactly why at the same time we have seen a complete erosion of freedoms in the USA, and other White countries, we have at the same time be come less and less White.

    Every freedom eroding policy that Libertarians lament comes from the SAME people who tell them that “Race doesn’t exist”.

    You cannot have Racial Diversity without Tyranny. There will be so much vocal opposition to the forced Diversity, to the Assimilation that laws must be passed to prevent such HERESY.

    By refusing to account for RACE and how it creates Culture, and how our culture trends toward open systems or Freedom, Libertarians are wasting their time.

    As a matter of fact Penn and Teller are two famous Libertarians who happen to actually BE magicians!

  2. Mike Jefferson
    Mike Jefferson says:

    I agree Beef. The conversation was a real one I had. “Jim” truly believes that a failed multiracial, Capitalist system that is BROKE just needs to do more of the same thing before it finally works LOLOL

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