Libertarians believe in Magic

Libertarians believe a country's borders are magical lines one need only walk across. They believe these same people need only read magical books by Ayn Rand.  Say magical phrases like: "all people are equal".  Believe in magical documents like the constitution.  They must also believe in the magical concept known as capitalism. Then learn to speak a magical language known as English. And everyone that does these things will POOF ....magically become an American.

Imagine if China became libertarian and believed in the same Magic.  One need only walk across the magical line into China.  Then learn to speak a new magical language known as Chinese.  Then of course read magical books by Ayn Rand.  And let's not forget recite magical phrases such as "all people are equal". Believe in magical founding documents and magical concepts like Capitalism.  Then POOF you will Magically be Chinese.  Of course, readers would laugh at this notion. Right this minute China is 90% Han Chinese.  And that is not going to change anytime soon.  In 1965, American was 90% White.  America is now going broke.  And the reason is quite simple......there is NO such thing as magic.

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  1. beefcake
    beefcake says:

    I’m personally a big fan of people having LOTS of personal freedoms… BUT (yes that “but” is what matters here!) , If you do not define WHO those freedoms are for you can very rapidly be out-populated and out-voted aka Genocided.

    That is why being Pro-White comes first and foremost. Regardless of whatever other thing matters to you politically, you NEED to have priorities.

    If your civilization is a product of your Race, then anything about your civilization that you love and wish for the continued existence of, including personal freedoms, also requires your RACE to be preserved.

    Interestingly as White Genocide has progressed, at the same time we have seen a RAPID erosion of personal freedoms.

    Diversity AKA White Genocide, cannot exist without Tyranny.

    Smoke that one Anti-White libertarian candylanders.

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