Diversity is forced in every White country and only White countries. It’s White genocide!











Why is it that every White country on the planet must become “more diverse”?

Why is it that no area is allowed to be “too White”?

Why is it that non-White groups are allowed to remain untouched by “diversity”?

I’ll tell you why – diversity is just a code word for White genocide!

H/T White GeNOcide Project

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  1. Dick Whitman
    Dick Whitman says:

    White Nationalists always lament the fact that there aren’t many women around the “movement.” One thing that I noticed about BUGS, FTWR, and others who traffic in the mantra message is that compared to other WN entities that there’s a lot of women involved. And they tend to be fairly good looking.

    So help spread the message against White genocide, it’s where the chicks are at.

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