Congress grants $1.1 trillion to flood USA with Muslims, Latinos, and others


Congress has passed Republican Congressman Paul Ryan’s bill to grant over 1.1 trillion dollars to fund Obama’s anti-White agenda against America.

The money will be used to fund “refugee resettlement” programs, the visas for 300,000 Muslims from the Middle East, Latino illegal immigration from Central American countries, and illegal immigrant “Sanctuary” cities within the US.

A recent poll shows 55% of Americans agree with Donald Trump’s call for a Muslim immigration ban, and another poll shows that as many as 70% of Americans do not want immigration increased.

Despite many people agreeing with Trump, the establishment sends its media attack dogs to try to tear him apart, because he is a threat to their two party system where they don’t have to listen to the people.

But let’s get back to basics – the reason for all this immigration is simply because America is full of White people.

It’s not because it’s rich: Japan is rich and it has very little immigration.

It’s not because America was built on someone else’s land – Turkey is built on non-Ottoman land, but no one says they have to turn Turkey into a “melting pot”.

America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and all the countries in Europe are demanded to have open borders, “diversity”, and other things simple because they are full of White people.

The attempt to deliberately get rid of White countries is a program of White genocide, and nothing more.

H/T White Genocide Project

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