Bradshaw makes his return to the show just in time for an amazing episode. You asked for it, you got it! Horus is back and we’re talking about the A Word: Antarctica, Atlantis, and Aliens! Hitler, Himmler, Goering, Dornberger, Von Braun, Kerry, Kirill, Trump, and so many more! So much information to digest, you’re definitely going to have to listen to it multiple times. Let’s get comfy, and let’s get woke. Enjoy, Goyim!!

With: Johnny Monoxide, Bradshaw Wilson

Guest: Horus The Avenger

Check out Horus the Avenger at and on twitter as @eurorabbit

Music Break: Hail Victory, by Hudson Vandal

Creepypasta: The Monster Under Your Bed Isn’t Always There, Read by Bradshaw Wilson

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Rare Pepes are being spotted more and more frequently. Maybe we should thank the ADL for making Pepe part of their “Hate” database. Everyone is noticing that anything White kids use online is automatically called “Hate”.

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