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  1. holocaust survivor 47
    holocaust survivor 47 says:

    Apparently this happened four years ago and anti-Whites still vehemently maintain that White Genocide is a phantom because no one is forcing “assimilation”. Yet, these same anti-Whites support unlimited, massive, 3rd world immigration into White countries and only White countries and forced integration with all 3rd worlders.

    What a creepy little bastard that Sarkozy is. A saner age would have him drawn and quartered.

  2. Valeofignorance
    Valeofignorance says:

    Few globalist/elitist politicians have ever put it as clearly and bluntly as Sarkozy did in 2008. Saying that France (like all White countries) has “an OBLIGATION” to eliminate their White European populations. Yet ALL White countries are doing exactly the same thing – whether they’re in Europe or not.

    This video/translation is a great resource. I hope it will spread far and wide. It’s about time the head-in-the-sand Anti-Whites hear what the gloablist elite have planned for their race.

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